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The Proposal



”Will you marry me?” he asked,

As he handed me a rose.

I was very touched by his request,

That it was me he chose.


He looks quite dashing in his jeans

And jaunty western vest.

The rakish angle of his hat,

Speaks, cowboy at his best


His hair is blond and blessed with curls.

His eyes are denim blue.

And when he turns his charm on me,

There’s nothing I can do.


I must admit I am impressed,

By his somewhat flirty smile.

And I love the twinkle in his eyes,

And, yes, his carefree style.


Yet, I told him that I could not wed

But I’d love him evermore,

For I am turning fifty-six,

And he is only four.


11/25/1997 –  Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


10’th … N F S P S  – 2002

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Someone to Love – Evie Lou



        (As of 9/8/41)


A heavenly ray of sunshine

Touched my heart one day

Staked out a corner as her own

And there she’ll always stay


Imprinted on my memory

Where it will never fade

Is the first time I saw her

And the impact she made


A tousled mass of golden curls

Mischievous eyes of blue

Cutest little button nose

That was Evie Lou


With her captivating smile

And her shy winsome way

She gave me love, and in return

She won my heart that day


Without a bit of prodding

The first time that we met

She lovingly called me Mommie

Now how lucky could I get


And at that very moment

Maternal seeds were sown

And I could not love her more

Were she my very own


Daughter of my husband

Sister of my son

Bandit of this heart of mine

Precious little one — my daughter


 7/1/43 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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