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I will face the future


I never believed you’d hurt me
Or ever be untrue
I thought you’d always care for me
The same as I did you

The magic left our love, I guess
Somewhere along the line
And so you gave to someone else
The love I thought was mine

I wish that I could run away
And leave my pain behind
But nothing’s solved by hiding
And it wouldn’t ease my mind

For I must live with such a wound
‘Til heartache’s on the wane,
And love then finds my heart again
When time has healed the pain

And so I’ll face the future
Though difficult it be
For from now on, it’s you and I
And never again … we

7/23/73 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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She smiled through her bitter tears
Although her pain was deep
The flood of tears brought relief
And then she fell asleep

She dreamt of times when they first met
And years when they were young
When he declared his love for her
And two then lived as one

But time had brought some changes
Like when their love had died
And as that one had split in two
It devastated pride

When she awakes she’ll face again
The truth of what must be
But time will heal the pain she feels
In this, her destiny

June 29, 00 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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She doesn’t smile anymore,
but she will not discuss her pain,
although assaults are so traumatic,
she will wear the scars forever.
You can see her bruises, visible
without the colors of physical abuse.
I knew her when she smiled a lot.
Sometimes we’d laugh so hard
we cried, but now there is no mirth
behind her tears, and she wears
a wounded look.
Her attacker denies cruelty.
He is quick to tell everyone
that he loves her, yet
the torment continues,
smothering the spark in her soul.
She can tell you that.
She can tell you that battering
doesn’t always mean clenched fists.
She can tell you that a wrathful
tongue and disagreeable nature
leaves bruises and scars.
But she won’t.
She takes her pain in silence,
and wears the bruises inside,
yet, I am aware of her pain.

She doesn’t smile anymore.

8/28/93 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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How will I know?

            YOU AND I


How will I know you love me

Unless you tell me so

How will I know you share my joy

If you don’t let me know


How will I know you feel my pain

If all your tears you hide

How will I know I can lean on you

If you’re not at my side


I’ll laugh with you and cry with you

And I will do my part

By demonstrating depth of love

That dwells within my heart 


But you in turn, must do the same

Committing love that’s true

Be there for me, as meant to be

And I’ll be there for you.



9/8/50          Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Listen to my heart break

Can you hear the pieces fall

It lies completely shattered

And there’s nothing left at all


There’s a piece once called love

And next to it lies trust

Joined by faith and devotion

Now turning into dust


It’s sad that love such as ours

Now ends in such a way

And can never see tomorrow

Through the pain it wears today


Echoes of love once shared

Are whispering in my head

Reminding me of vows we made

The day that we were wed


Fingertips of memory

Are more than I can bear

As they serve to remind me

Of the heartache I now wear


It’s the end of something beautiful

Built upon for years

And bonding is prevented

By the moisture of my tears


7/15/73   Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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            TRAIL OF TEARS


Hear their mournful cries of anguish

Hear the children’s cries of hunger

See the rags of tattered clothing

See the struggles of the dying

Marching slowly from their homeland

Traveling in the worst of winters

Heavy snowfall, wet and blinding

Covering bodies of the fallen

Over hills and through the valleys

Prodded like a herd of cattle

Yielding to this tragic journey

Helpless in their indignation


Hear the prayers that they send soaring

Feel the pain when pride is wounded

See the change in eyes so saddened

Feel their courage slowly flagging

People of the Cherokee nation

Victims of the white man’s power

Forced again into submission

Forced from lands known as tribal

Sixteen thousand relocated

Thousands left in unmarked graves

On a path of degradation

History’s shameful Trail Of Tears


3/14/91                Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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