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Summer flaunts its mighty splendor
As it paints the heavens red —
Polishes up the diamond skies
And full moon overhead.

Then morning opens up its eyes
At the sun’s first golden ray
The world awakens, to enjoy
A marvelous summer day

It scatters flowers everywhere
Across earth’s counterpane,
And ripples small drowsy streams
With warm gentle rain.

There’s sweet melodic melodies
By scores of nesting birds,
Joined by frog’s percussion beats – –
And all it lacks are words.

The scent of lilac’s rich perfume
Floats softly on the air …
All part of summer’s sweet caress.
God’s gift of summer fare

8/8/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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What visions we have for offspring
When first held to our breast
The dreams that fill our hearts and minds
Are all, the very best

He’d never want for anything
Needs would be obsolete
He’d find success at every turn
And never face defeat

No harm would e’er befall him
Nor troubles spoil his day
His life would be near perfect
If we could have our way

But these are first impressions
These are all extremes
And our hearts are quick to tell us
That they’re just foolish dreams

For how can he learn compassion
If he never feels pain
Or appreciate the sunshine
If his life contains no rain

How can he know the value of
A simple little smile
If he hasn’t had to shed some tears
For just a little while

And how can he know the thrill of
A game well played, and won
If he’s never had to taste defeat
In endeavors he’s begun

How could he truly treasure
Good things that come his way
If he never worked for anything
And spent his life in play

Life’s precious gift to each of us
Are tastes of all things
And we become whatever we are
From nurturing it brings

5/18/85 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Coming down in sheets,

it resembles a silver lame theater curtain.

A gift of nature’s beauty.

Preceding summer hail,

it portends worse to come, as we await the yellowing of the sky.

But sometimes it dances on my window panes,

and makes its own melody on the tin roof of my cabin, as I drift off to sleep, mesmerized by its charm. 

It cleanses my roof, and compacts the dust of the twisted lane to my cabin,

making little puddles  that serve as bird spas … mud baths in the dirt – drinking cups in the gravel.

It fills blossom cups that serve  as chalices for butterflies

And it makes the hot earth send up moist earth aromas.

As a child, I loved to stand or dance on the lawn, as it made my clothes cling to my body, cooling  me on a hot summer day.

Sometimes it fills my rain-barrel, becoming the source of future shampoos.

I love to watch the little spirals each drop makes on the quiet water of my pond.

When driving in the darkness of evening, it makes car lights shine with diamond rays.

Washing the dust of time from everything.

God blesses us with every raindrop.


Phyllis A. DeWitt-VanVleck

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      THE RUMBLE SEAT        


My friends and I thought it great,

When we were in our teens.

To drive around in an old Ford coupe

While viewing country scenes.


We all agreed it was such fun

To use the rumble seat.

In looking back, I can’t believe

We thought it such a treat!


To ride back there took fortitude,

With entry quite a knack.

And we had to share our foot space

With snow-chains, crank and jack.


The wind played havoc with our hair

And hats were blown away.

A fellow’s tie could smack your face,

And dust was there to stay.


We nearly froze in wintertime,

Though wrapped up really snug,

We didn’t mind, because it was

A great excuse to hug.                                                    


The other season’s were more fun,

In spite of dust and heat.

And summer evening moonlight rides

Were very hard to beat.


We never got a bit upset

When caught out in the rain,

We’d cuddle double in the front,

And no one would complain.


There’s many memories to recall

And most of them are sweet,

But none surpass the good old days,

Of that old rumble seat.


8/30/95      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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A true tale told on my sister, Sally

Remembering Sally’s Embarrassment


I remember when you were “running late”,

And Mom urged, “Dear, please hurry –

You’re going to miss the bus again –

Your slowness causes worry.”


You quickly groomed your teeth and hair,

Then glanced out at the rain.

Grabbed your lunch, put on your coat,

And hurried down the lane.


At school you opened your desk drawer –

Adding your lunch to the mess,

Took off your coat  – – and blushed deep red

‘Cause you forgotten to wear a dress


8/2/88             Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck



She did this twice, and I had to walk her home

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Sometimes it feels like heaven

In the middle of July

A gift of rain to cool things down

And a rainbow in the sky       


Sometimes I hear sweet melodies

When chaos is around

It happens when a small child laughs

It’s heaven in a sound


Sometimes I glimpse perfection

When a mother tends her child

She wraps the child in selfless love

I’ve seen  it when she smiled


Sometimes people just look down

And watch what lies below

While others raise their heads up high

To see the rainbow’s glow


Sometimes I think we just forget

That if we really care

We’ll see God’s beauty – if we look

For Heaven’s everywhere.


5/28/00              Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


3’rd … Arkansas NPD – 2000

5’th. … Indiana NPD – 2001

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