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(for Johnny, on the birth of Matt)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Baby needs a “big brother”
One exactly like you
To protect him and teach him
And show him things to do

Your Mom and Dad will need you, too
They are proud of their fine son
They love you just as much as Matt
Because you’re their # 1

Babies can’t tell you where they hurt
Or when they need to eat
So they cry, to let their Mom know
That there are needs she must meet

Babies get lots of attention
Which sometimes seems unfair
But when you were tiny like baby Matt
You had the same loving care

You will always be loved dearly
By parents, and others, too
No one can ever “take your place”
I promise you, it’s true

9/22/88 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Mothers and daughters and grandsons and all the love in the world.



Welcome to a wonderful world

Precious little thing

This heart of mine is filled with love

And with the joy you bring


A smile plays about your mouth

You vocalize a coo

Your fingers tighten ‘round my thumb

As I am cuddling you


I marvel at your perfection

Special in every way

A gift that God made possible

A flower from His bouquet


There’s never been another child

Nor will there ever be

Who can fill the shoes meant for you

At least that’s what I see


7/48         Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Precious little bundle
Dressed in pink and white
Soft and warm and cuddly
She fits our arms just right

She’s Grandma’s Little Angel
She’s Mommie’s pride and joy
She’s Daddy’s little rascal
And sister’s little toy

But, she’s really just a baby
Who is loved a whole lot
We think she’s someone wonderful
This special little tot

6/20/68     Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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          GOLDEN CURLS


Golden curls upon the floor,

He’s not a baby anymore.

His baby look went with that gold,

And Mama wept when she was told.


‘Twas Dad’s surprise for Mom and child,

To cut that hair and have it styled.

And when she saw her little lad,

She may have smiled but still felt sad.


If she could glue those curls in place

She’d frame them ‘round his little face,

Instead she puts them in a book,

And smiles at her small son’s new look.


3/10/96         Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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In my mind’s book of memories

There are pages where I file,

Things that touch my heart and soul

And things that make me smile.


One page holds the fluted song

Trilled by a meadowlark.

Another holds the silvery light

Of moonbeams in the dark.


There’s one of sweet baby smiles

And one, a mother’s love.

Another holds morning sun,

One, stardust from above.


There’s a page full of laughter

And one of blossomed trees.

A rainbow fills another page

And one, a summer breeze.


Others hold such poignant things

As tears of joy once shed,

The sound of rippling from a brook,

And smell of gingerbread.


There’s one of lovely carillons

With Hymns and melodies

Next to it are hopes and dreams

And one of fantasies.


There is no end of things to add

From life in every stage

And as they touch my heart and soul

They’re added to a page


When I am old, years from now,

Each day I’ll take a look

At all the wonders held within

My memory’s treasured book.


3/8/92              Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Grandma’s Gift

I have received requests to post family poetry.  Holly’s request came in first so this is the poem I wrote for my Christmas grandchild.






Grandma got a special gift

On Christmas Eve this year

And that is how it came to be

That Holly Noel is here


A precious little someone

(And beautiful, too)

With hair like strands of spun gold

And eyes of Heaven’s blue


Delicate little nose and ears

(Right where they should be)

A hint of a dimple in her chin

(A gift from Grandpa V)


Her tiny pink cherub mouth

Is mighty, mighty sweet

And a marvel of perfection

Are her wee hands and feet


There is no baby cuter

Nor will there ever be

She’s a Blue Ribbon Winner

As everyone can see


Because she’s nearly perfect

Someday it will be known

That she’s just a little Angel

With wings not yet grown


If I’d have ordered ahead of time

I’d have cast a magic spell

And ask for a Granddaughter  like

My precious Holly Noel


6/19/72    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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