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A Harsh Melody


Like a crazed banshee, the bitter wind moaned,
while snow coated limbs until the trees groaned,
branches thrashed windows in cacophony —
a harsh melody that winter intoned.

9/8/94 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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And then it snows!


Pine needle carpets

embrace the cold forest floor

before the first snow

3/18/90 Phyllis VanVleck

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The sights and sounds of nature
are sweet this time of year.
Scarlet, gold, and saffron tones
announce a change in seasons.
Winging geese form chevron patterns
in a blue enamel sky,
honking their goodby song,
until spring bursts forth next year.
Crickets find their way inside
and settle near my hearth.
They’ll pester us with strident songs
when winter snow is high.
The pungent smell of burning leaves
lends credence to the scene,
as curls of blue smoke fill the air,
and scent the autumn months.
Sluggish bees cling where they can,
cleaning their tired wings.
No longer prone to use their sting,
they’ll exist on succulent
amber drops of hive-honey.
Daddy-longlegs cluster-up
in tangles, for warmth.
Abundant in crevices of doors
and windows, they look like discarded
wads of black sewing threads.
Slow-motion is the essence
of this time of languor,
once again cloaking the land
in colorful autumn robes.
God’s glorious gift of nature.

6/6/95 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

6’th … Indiana NPD 1995

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Tired old scarecrow, tattered and torn
Looking shabby and quite forlorn
His clothes are ripped from summer wind
Gaping where they once were pinned

Months ago, in summer sun
He proved his worth with job well done
While flapping arms in disarray
He made the crows stay well away

But now birds perch upon his hat
And snow piles high to smash it flat
He’s seen to shiver more and more
Freezing to his very core

We’ll bring him in where it is warm
Where he’ll avoid the winter storm
I’ll fill his sleeves and sew his rips
Of course I’ll repaint eyes and lips

And when the winter weather’s gone
Just as birds break into song
He’ll take his place as garden guard
And keep the crows out of the yard

11/14/04 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Cascading petals




The soft white blanket


     spread beneath my dogwood tree


          cascading petals



3/20/90             Phyllis VanVleck

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Snow flakes dancing to the ground

While arabesquing ‘round and ‘round.

They’re painting the world all in white

Laying blankets throughout the night.


What will one see when he awakes?

Artistry of those little flakes.

Diamonds scattered on once green lawn,

Winking, sparkling in light of dawn.


Branches snuggled in ermine coats,

White scarves wrapped ‘round chimney throats,                       

Fence posts wearing jaunty caps.

Bushes arrayed in frosty wraps.


Millions of flakes before your eyes . . .

Large and small and minuscule size,

And in the piles, where they lay,               

No two are alike, so they say.


It’s quiet in this all-white world,

Where just last night the snow-flakes swirled.

Sounds are muffled . . . an awesome sight,

That nature spread around last night.


6/9/06                    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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