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She’s Grandma’s little darling
And cute as she can be
A very special little girl
On that we all agree

Perhaps I’m somewhat prejudice
‘Cause that’s how Grandmas are
I think she’s sweet and wonderful
And our family’s latest star

There’s a simple explanation
And a nice revealing key . . .
She’s everything the books say
A little girl should be

She loves to look feminine
In ribbons, lace, and bows
She’s a real little lady
From her head to her toes

She’s coy and she’s impish
Yet, that dear angelic face
Is a clue to her sweetness
And to her charm and grace

She’s giggles and good humor
She’s all hugs and kisses
She’s bouncy blond pony-tail
With charm that never misses

She’s a precious little sweetheart
And I can promise this –
She’s blessed us with her presence
Like Heaven’s sweetest kiss

4/3/77 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Precious little bundle
Dressed in pink and white
Soft and warm and cuddly
She fits our arms just right

She’s Grandma’s Little Angel
She’s Mommie’s pride and joy
She’s Daddy’s little rascal
And sister’s little toy

But, she’s really just a baby
Who is loved a whole lot
We think she’s someone wonderful
This special little tot

6/20/68     Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Sweet kiss on Grandma’s cheek

Accompanied by a hug

You’re generous with your lovin’

You’re Grandma’s cuddle-bug


Your sweet smile melts me

As do those big brown eyes

You’re masterful little charmer

For someone just your size


A sunny disposition

And the quiet way you play

A sweet and gentle nature

Are charms that you convey


I thought your siblings special

But when I hold you near

My heart is quick to tell me

You’re every bit as dear


My affection grows daily

And this is just a start

You have a lifetime warranty

On a corner of my heart


12/17/65     Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Just a little piece of art work

Consisting of one page,

Made with love by little hands

And faded now from age.

It’s a heart in sketchy contour

Trimmed with bits of lace,

And the words, “I Luv Yu, Mommie.”

Are crayoned on its face.

It hung upon the wall for years

Where it was viewed each day,

But now it’s in a small box

That I have tucked away.

A box that holds the treasures

Made throughout the years —

A daughter’s tokens to her Mom,

That prompt nostalgic tears.

And now there hangs upon the wall

A heart with crimson shine,

That says, “I love you Gram and Gramps” —

Her daughter’s valentine.


2/10/93            Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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My eighty year old Grandma



My eighty year old Grandma

Went on a date last night,

With a ninety year old gentleman,

And came home quite up-tight.


I asked her how the evening went.             

She said, “I guess, O.K.

If I hadn’t had to slap his face,

And anger him that way.”


I asked if he’d gotten fresh.

“Well, good grief, no.”, she said,

“But I slapped him hard, several times,

‘Cause I thought the man was dead!”


8/31/04        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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To calm a child



Warm tears

course her cheek

as the child weeps,

melting Grandma’s heart.

With just one kiss

tears are dried.

Both smile.


9/7/92     Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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