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There they sat, the two of them
A most unlikely pair
Dozing in the afternoon sun
In an old wicker chair
The Old Man knew they laughed at him
But he didn’t seem to mind
For the peace he and Charley had
Is often hard to find
No matter that his new found friend
Was a strange sight to see
The Old Man just told others
It was serendipity
A chicken without his feathers
Is one in dire need
And an old man without a friend
Is a sad man indeed
So the moment that their paths crossed
They both became aware
That they needed one another
So they bonded, as a pair
Wherever one would choose to go
The other trailed behind
They loved the arbor most of all
Where the grapevine twined
And so they spent the summer months
‘Til fall brought on a chill
Charley shivered in nakedness
Then sadly, became ill
The Old Man tried to save his friend
But Charley passed away
And the Old Man wept in sadness
On that sorrowful day
Now he was alone again
And no one needed him
He felt unloved and useless
His future painted grim
And so he lost his will to live
Without someone to tend
And when he died, his last words were
It’s lonely without a friend

5/12/89 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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My Friend, Colleen

You Are A Poem

If I could make my life a poem,
There’d be a verse for you
Because you are a special friend,
With credits overdue.

And I think YOU are a poem, my friend;
I see it many times.
There’s beauty in your heart and soul,
One finds in songs and rhymes.

2/25/99 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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So much like our Mother
This sister of mine
That when I’m around her
It takes me back in time

It’s not just resemblance
(Which is indeed there)
It’s everything about her
That one might compare

Her voice and her demeanor
Her gentle caring ways
And the Christian way of life
That dominates her days

She’s a first class Mother,
A lady through and through
She’s the greatest of sisters
And the dearest friend, too

With Mother’s very finest traits
Let me tell you this
She adds some fine ones of her own
And I’m proud to call her, Sis


Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Come sit with me beside my fire
And share its warmth and glow
We’ll talk about life’s journey
And memories long ago

Life sure has bonded you and I
The way it’s meant to be
I leaned on you for everything
Now you can lean on me

You’ve been a mother and a friend
And shared my growing pains
I learned from you, life’s beautiful
Yes, even when it rains

You helped erase my girlish fears
And made them go away
Your hand upon my fevered brow
Helped me endure the day

So many things I learned from you
Way back from the start
And they’re a perfect legacy
All etched upon my heart

We’ve covered many years this hour
And the coals have almost died
But it was perfect sitting here
With my mother by my side

9/3/02 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

3’rd. … Arkansas NPD – 2002

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A Trusted Friend


          (For KiKi)



Dear old friend, why did you go

You made life sweet while here

And I will be so lonely now

Without your presence near






You made me laugh, so many times

Your memory makes me cry

I miss you more than words can say

We were buddies, you and I




It matters not, you were a dog

I loved you, that is true

A loyal, patient, trusting friend

That’s how I remember you




11/10/02           Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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My Memory



I have no mind for fine details

I don’t think that’s so bad

I can’t remember dates and time

But just emotions had


I can’t remember what you wore

The first time that we met

But I remember your sweet charm

And your smile’s with me yet

I don’t remember where it was

I saw a mockingbird

But I’ll remember always

The lovely song I heard


I don’t remember where we went

To view an autumn scene

But I won’t forget God’s palette

Of reds and golds and green

The day I hiked a wooded trail

Is lost, as far as date

But not the smell of scented pines

Or the wild fruit I ate


I can’t remember verse or words

Of songs Mom sang for me

But the soft sound of her sweet voice

Lives on, in memory

The dates of childhood illnesses

Are all forgotten now

But I won’t forget the feeling of

Mom’s hand upon my brow


I can’t repeat the headlines

The day that I gave birth

But the memory of the joy I felt

Is the sweetest on this earth

Yes, I do forget the details


And distance, time, and names

But everything that touches me

Is a memory that remains


Friendliness, love, and tenderness

A sound, a taste, a sight

That’s what I remember well

And for me, that=s quite all right


3/8/90 –  Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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       TONI’S ROOM


Toni lost an old friend today

            But you may not think so

For it was just a willow tree

            With branches hanging low

The many limbs, so thick with leaves

            Were long and touched the grass

They formed a great big nature room

            With their huge shapely mass

To her, it was a special tree

            It was her hideaway

A castle, when she willed it so

            Her playhouse, every day

It had what looked like eyes to her

            Where branches were removed

It even wore a smiling mouth

            A boy’s sharp knife had grooved

So she talked to the willow tree

            As if it were a friend

She’s just a lonesome little girl

            And she loves to pretend

Whatever her moods might have been

            The tree room shared them all

For many hours were spent within

            From early spring to fall

And even in the winter months

            Into the room she’d go

Then it became her big igloo

            With branches wearing snow

Today there was an awful storm

            And lightning killed the tree

She wept in sadness at its death

            And then she said to me

I’m going to plant a tree someday

            And when it’s fully grown

There’ll be a nice big nature room

            For a child of my own

And I will share some memories

            In the shade of that tree

To tell her of the room I had

            And what it meant



3/17/89             Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


Judge’s Special Mention … PAW (in Pa) 1991

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