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Dew Drops


Strings of crystal beads

       sparkling in the morning sun

              dew drops on webs

3/20/90 Phyllis VanVleck

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When shadows cloak the evening
As daylight’s turned down low
The horizon basks in crimson
From sunset’s lavish show

Then moonbeams ready golden dust
To sprinkle on this night
While I watch in fascination
As the sun slips out of sight

The birds have sung soft vespers
And insects start their choir
Whispering wings will soon announce
Nighttime’s wise old flyer

Oh, the beauty of God’s wonders
From His great celestial scroll
That mesmerize the summer night
And capture heart and soul

8/17.01 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Summer flaunts its mighty splendor
As it paints the heavens red —
Polishes up the diamond skies
And full moon overhead.

Then morning opens up its eyes
At the sun’s first golden ray
The world awakens, to enjoy
A marvelous summer day

It scatters flowers everywhere
Across earth’s counterpane,
And ripples small drowsy streams
With warm gentle rain.

There’s sweet melodic melodies
By scores of nesting birds,
Joined by frog’s percussion beats – –
And all it lacks are words.

The scent of lilac’s rich perfume
Floats softly on the air …
All part of summer’s sweet caress.
God’s gift of summer fare

8/8/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Beautiful tulips


     stretching their long slender necks


          greeting the warm sun



3/18/90             Phyllis VanVleck

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Describing a scene of beauty,                                        

With phrases and words on a pad,                                         

I brought the same to canvas,                         

Painted with colors I had.                               


My brush tipped  dazzling dew-drops

Catching the sun’s warm ray,                                            

On a flower’s satiny petals,                           

Before the drops melted away.                              


It unfolded a sleepy flower,                                

And a bumble-bee in flight.                           

It also painted the gauzy wings;

As the words in this poem might.                           


The colorful golden petals

Can almost emit a scent.

My brush made them so descriptive . . .

Just as this poem is meant.


Your mind can walk in a painting.

Its design is felt in your heart.

And poetry evokes emotions

As an art-form counterpart.


There’s flow and grace and beauty,

And those who observe, will find,

They’re the same in poem and painting,

When viewed with heart and mind.


8/19/04         Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Where is the Suns warmth




Early daffodils


     wearing frosty caps of snow


          beg for the sun’s warmth.wpd



2/18/90           Phyllis VanVleck

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