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Just a little piece of art work

Consisting of one page,

Made with love by little hands

And faded now from age.

It’s a heart in sketchy contour

Trimmed with bits of lace,

And the words, “I Luv Yu, Mommie.”

Are crayoned on its face.

It hung upon the wall for years

Where it was viewed each day,

But now it’s in a small box

That I have tucked away.

A box that holds the treasures

Made throughout the years —

A daughter’s tokens to her Mom,

That prompt nostalgic tears.

And now there hangs upon the wall

A heart with crimson shine,

That says, “I love you Gram and Gramps” —

Her daughter’s valentine.


2/10/93            Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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I didn’t forget, honest!  It was groundhogs day too.



             ( Sheryl )


Welcome to our wonderful world

My Precious little thing

This heart of mine is overjoyed

With happiness you bring


It’s up to me to guide your way

So this is what I pray

When I point the right direction

You’ll somehow find the way


I’d have your path just perfect

If that could only be

But that is not the way of life

As you will some day see


For there are many bumps to face

And some may cause you pain

But they can make life sweeter, Dear

Like sunshine after rain


May the Lord walk beside you, Child

On paths you choose to take

To shepherd and protect you

In choices you will make


I pray your clouds are very small

With star-flung skies at night

I pray for beautiful rainbows                     

With pot of gold in sight


There’s much that I could wish for you

And what I say is true

That you and I will talk someday

And I’ll tell it all to you


Then, someday in the future

Your turn will come to pray

When you hold your child in your arms

As I hold mine today


6/48          Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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          (For Sheryl)


Where did you go, Little Girl,

Weren’t you just here?

It seems we just played dolls and house

Or was that yesteryear?

Didn’t we tea party yesterday

(It seems so to me)

As we dressed your lovely little dolls

In all their finery


My recollections are vivid

Of blond be-ribboned curls

And dresses full of ruffles and lace

Like most little girls.

Too quick you leave behind you

That sweet adorable age

But I will treasure always

Memories of that stage


Like the many clever comments

And cute antics seen

And stories galore about pretend friends

Mr. Ralph and sweet Charlene

Mr. Ralph (your remarkable Teacher)

Blew smoke rings out his ears

Sweet Charlene (your unseen friend)

Shared secrets, hopes, and fears


Of course, there were endless questions

Like, “How does it make it dark?”

“Does dandruff have legs, Mom?”

And “How come cats don’t bark?”

When others kept annoying you

You’d say, as you frowned

“Will you guys leave me alone?”

And quit foodle-doodelin’ around


You even had a cuss word

(At least in your view)

When angry at Dave, you’d say

“Oh you, you, you Harriet, you.”

Whenever you were naughty

Or erred in some way

You tried to blame our little dog

To lead my thoughts astray.


 With a question in your voice

(So it wouldn’t be a lie)

You hoped to escape punishment

By giving this reply

“Maybe Lucky did it, Mama?”

Then, trying to be coy

You’d turn to the dog, scolding –

“Lucky, you’re a bad bad boy!”


I’ll never forget your helpfulness

Concerning the cat, one day

When you helped her with her grooming

(Much to my dismay)

When Calico came to the kitchen

Looking scruffy and somewhat wet

I asked you what had happened

To your furry little pet


Then looking very wise, you said,

“I just happened to think

That since her hands are very small

And she can’t reach the sink

It’s hard for her to wash herself

She needs someone to help her

So I kept licking MY hand, too

And I’d rub it on her fur.”


The things that I’ve related here

Are treasures in my mind

Recalling feelings from the past

Of the sweetest kind

Told here with warm nostalgia

Each incident the truth

Meant only to recall for us

A picture of your youth

And though they’re only samples

From time, as you grew

They’ll always be remembered

As little bits of you.


 8/10/58    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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“I wish you’d read to me awhile.”

My daughters often said,

So I’d tuck away the mending

And read to them, instead.


“Mom, can you play a game with me?”

My growing son would ask,

So I’d put aside the sweeping

For that far more urgent task.


We often sat with drawing books,

Coloring in designs,

While laundered clothes awaited

Their turn upon the lines.


There were times the sink held dishes,

‘Though I didn’t like such piles,

So I could romp and play outside . . .

Rewarded by their smiles.


At times we’d lie upon the grass

As cloud ships sailed on by,

While the beds awaited making,

And dust was left to lie.


Nothing’s changed by dirt or dust,

Or bed that lies unmade,

But the hours given to a child,

Build memories that won’t fade.


The most important times in life

Are the hours wisely spent,

When shared with a little child,

For they are heaven-sent.



5/22/97    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


4’th. … Indiana NPD – 2001

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Someone to Love – Evie Lou



        (As of 9/8/41)


A heavenly ray of sunshine

Touched my heart one day

Staked out a corner as her own

And there she’ll always stay


Imprinted on my memory

Where it will never fade

Is the first time I saw her

And the impact she made


A tousled mass of golden curls

Mischievous eyes of blue

Cutest little button nose

That was Evie Lou


With her captivating smile

And her shy winsome way

She gave me love, and in return

She won my heart that day


Without a bit of prodding

The first time that we met

She lovingly called me Mommie

Now how lucky could I get


And at that very moment

Maternal seeds were sown

And I could not love her more

Were she my very own


Daughter of my husband

Sister of my son

Bandit of this heart of mine

Precious little one — my daughter


 7/1/43 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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