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Traditions of Youth


Gold dandelions

       reflecting under the chin

              affirming young love

2/16/03 Phyllis VanVleck

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When I open closets of my mind
I find the greatest wealth
Wonderful memories from my youth
Now tucked upon a shelf

Although we were Depression poor
We never lacked for fun
For there were countless childhood games
And then, when we were done

We’d make some skillet-butterscotch
Its flavor can’t be topped
And sometimes we’d make great big bowls
Of corn we shelled, then popped

Our toys were few and simple then
With some of them homemade
But the fun derived from such toys
Left memories that won’t fade

Our fare was beans and cornbread
Soups and stews and such
But it all tasted wonderful
Because of Mama’s touch

We didn’t know that we were poor
Nor did we even care
We were happy with what we had
Living the word, share

Of course there were some rough spots
But we’d all rally ’round
In support of one another
No truer love was found

Our life was filled with happiness
And were the good times weighed
Nothing else would quite compare
To that life I would not trade.

9/1/91 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

2’nd … Indiana NPD 1991

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Poems are written and songs often sung

About all the glories of being young.

Seems praises galore just roll off the tongue.


And although when young, I thought it quite nice,

It isn’t something I’d like to do twice.


I’ve given this subject some in-depth thought,

And what I’ve learned from the lessons life taught,

Is that struggles of youth entice me naught …


Homework and chores and parental advice.

An allowance which never seemed to  suffice.


The pain of young love, so often awry.

No car of your own — no money to buy,

And sometimes so bored you wanted to die.


With changing emotions that drives one wild,

One minute so grown — next minute a child.


So in spite of yearnings one often hears,

I’d not regress as my destiny nears.

Because I’m enjoying my golden years.


2/19/93           Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Oh, to start anew!


When we are young
Time goes so slow
Seems we can’t wait
To mature and grow

When we are old
Seems time just flew
We’d like to go back
And start anew

2/12/90 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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My how time flys



When we are young

Time goes so slow

Seems we can’t wait

To mature and grow


When we are old

Seems time just flew

We’d like to go back

And start anew


2/12/90       Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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When we were young, you and I

You took a golden band

And as you pledged your love to me

You placed it on my hand

Then you took me in your arms

And you whispered in my ear

“I’ll take care of you forever

And I’ll always love you, Dear”

I felt the throbbing of your heart

As you drew me to your chest

It beat in perfect harmony

With the quickening in my breast


The promise that you made that night

With vows that you’d be true

Are the vows that I also pledged

As I gave myself to you

I thought we’d be forever, Dear

But youth made me naive

For dreams and hopes are only words

Unless you both believe

I meant the words we spoke that day

I thought you meant them, too

And perhaps you did, for a time

Then you met someone new

And then your body, heart, and soul

With bonds we shared as one

Were given to that someone new

And you and I were done


My love for you was constant

And grew, as time passed by

But yours was weak and faithless

And so, was doomed to die

A wall now stands before us

And behind its massive door

A marriage lies in ruins

That no one can restore

It’s just an age old story

Of bonds that never grew

Because one’s love was shallow

The other’s, deep and true 


7/23/73      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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