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In the mountains and the meadows
There’s beauty to be seen,
And even in the fringe of woods
Bright colors mix with green.

There is lupine and arbutus
Growing near the trees,
With some yellow-centered daisies
Swaying in the breeze.

Abundant scarlet paintbrush,
Violets dressed in blue,
There’s columbine and trillium,
And coneflower’s purple hue.

Lilies curling petals down —
Their orange splashed everywhere.
Wisteria’s graceful tendrils
In the wood’s scented air.

Thistle and some goldenrod,
And lovely Queen Anne’s Lace —
At attention on the roadsides,
All waving with such grace.

Some shooting stars in dainty pink,
And morning-glory banks.
Tall sunflowers bowing heavy heads —
Now I bow mine in thanks.

8/18/04 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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I have a colorful garden
With flowers in great array
Wild beauties in rich profusion
So vibrant in display

I didn’t plant a single thing
God placed them where they grow
Just beyond my pristine lawn
So I enjoy their show

There is lupine and pink primrose
And beautiful shooting stars
There are daisies by the dozens
I place in old fruit jars

I have tall Indian paintbrush
And cardinal flowers, too
Coneflowers stand majestically
As arbutus trails through

Daylilies in their brightest orange
And deep-hued violets
I have columbine and trillium
And tiny white bluets

There’s lobelia, blue to purple
Some morning glory banks
And sunflowers bowing heavy heads . . .
Now I bow mine in thanks

9/5/01 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Summer flaunts its mighty splendor
As it paints the heavens red —
Polishes up the diamond skies
And full moon overhead.

Then morning opens up its eyes
At the sun’s first golden ray
The world awakens, to enjoy
A marvelous summer day

It scatters flowers everywhere
Across earth’s counterpane,
And ripples small drowsy streams
With warm gentle rain.

There’s sweet melodic melodies
By scores of nesting birds,
Joined by frog’s percussion beats – –
And all it lacks are words.

The scent of lilac’s rich perfume
Floats softly on the air …
All part of summer’s sweet caress.
God’s gift of summer fare

8/8/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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The earth is ready for her Prom.
Awakened from her rest,
With a field full of flowers
As a corsage on her breast.

There’s romance blooming in that field,
And flirting’s taking place . . .
Sweet William’s charmed by countless winks
From Black-eyed Susan’s face.

7/29/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Sweet Perfume


Work in her garden every day
To her was just like child’s play
Shallow rows to hold the seed
Paper pads on which she kneed

Spade and shovel by her side
A length of string as her guide
Flats of flowers, packs of seeds
And things to battle all the weeds

She loved the smell of spaded soil
And did not mind the daily toil
Then when her flowers were in bloom
We all enjoyed the sweet perfume

7/17/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Green shoots and delicate blossoms

          Make “Awakening Spring” , Act One

An expectant time in seasons

          For new life has just begun


Act Two is “Summer’s Balmy Days”,       

          With robes of emerald green

Sun kissing beautiful flowers

          Rainbows completing the scene


The curtain opens on Act Three

          “Autumn’s Colorful Pageantry”,

With splashes of reds and yellows

          Resplendent on every tree


Act Four, and the final curtain

          Brings us “Winter’s Wanton Winds”,

And her frosty ermine blankets

          The production finally ends


But nature never seems to tire,

          For each year she starts anew,

And behind a brand new curtain

          Each season awaits its cue.


10/30/88    Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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