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All too soon, prairies

will cease as wildlife havens

ugly urban sprawl

2/16/03 Phyllis VanVleck

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Another flower’s added
To my heart’s bouquet
A precious little rose bud
Arrived the other day

Since I’ve waited such a long time
With much anticipation
For a sweet Granddaughter
I’m feeling great elation

She’s such a pretty little thing
And I’d like the world to know
That she’s really, almost perfect
At least, I think it’s so

I haven’t seen a baby
In such a long long while
With a happier disposition
And such a ready smile

She’s awfully sweet and cuddly
And she fits my arms just right
She charms everyone who sees her
She’s just a sheer delight

There’ll always be a special place
Staked out from the start
For little charmer, Joyce Arlene
Deep within my heart

So, welcome, Little Darling
I’m so glad you are here
To brighten all the days ahead
Sure do love you, Dear

Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Ode To The Letter Z

I list my poetry as A to Z
And that has finally challenged me
I don’t have poems that start with Z
Glance through my list, and you’ll agree

It shouldn’t be hard to add a Z
Books have two pages, offered free
With my twenty words that rhyme with Z
I could write a poem, easily

There’s Zebra listed under Z
Zipper, Zircon, and Zoology
They all start with the letter Z
But rhyming them is fantasy

I think I’m trapped with the E in Z
So will not offer this to thee
As a poem written for a Z
I’ll try again, when it troubles me.

Aug., 13. 2009 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Listen to this lesson, and learn,
That everything has its own turn . . .
Up my pant leg flew a bee,
My wife laughed with great glee,
Until a grasshopper crawled up hern.

10/15/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Whenever there are lonely days
And no one seems to care,
I must admit the emptiness
Is hard for me to bear.

Yet thinking on past events
I often wonder why,
With all the lovely memories
I feel compelled to cry.

Have I dwelt upon the sad times
And shut the sunshine out?
Did I place up front my sorrows
And maybe pain and doubt?

I think I’ll find a corner in
The recess of my mind
Where I can place unpleasant things,
And make them hard to find,

Then fill my mind with sunshine
And happy times, too.
Then make some room for rainbows
And memories of you.

10/21/94         Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Hello all. My name is Sheryl A. VanVleck, and I am the manager of my mother’s poetry blog and I have been very remiss this month, but I have excuses.  We had a tornado.  While the weather service people, or whoever verifies those things, said we did not, by the pattern of destruction in our yard it was a very strong circular wind; no matter what you call it.

The log is now off our roof.  The last of the downed trees are cut up and being stacked and we again have power; which we did not have for four days.  The worse part of that was not having ice or hot water for showers.  We were lucky; our neighbors lost half their roof. 

Then, I had a computer melt down.  So, it’s been one of those months and I apologize to her regular readers for not getting a poem up each day.  She has also missed the comments, which I send to her and she enjoys responding.  So, I will work in the next day or two to get her poems ready and get back into business.

Thank you for your patience.


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