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Time to Play


A little boy of nine or ten
Had a tree-house for a den.
He climbed the tree everyday,
It was his favorite way to play.

A little girl of five or six
Had a playhouse made of sticks.
She took her dolls there everyday,
It was her favorite way to play.

This little boy and little girl
With sandy hair and tawny curl,
Grew up and met one lovely day
And found a new way they could play.

Now, don’t be shocked – ’twas in a band,
He played drums – she played the Grand.
They practiced nearly every day,
It was their favorite way to play.

They fell in love and soon were wed.
No time for play – that’s what they said.
They raised eight children to this day —
They must have found some time to play.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Energy’s gone – they’re getting old.
She knits sweaters for the cold.
He watches T.V. shows all day.
It’s now their favorite way to play.

3/27/92 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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The Proposal



”Will you marry me?” he asked,

As he handed me a rose.

I was very touched by his request,

That it was me he chose.


He looks quite dashing in his jeans

And jaunty western vest.

The rakish angle of his hat,

Speaks, cowboy at his best


His hair is blond and blessed with curls.

His eyes are denim blue.

And when he turns his charm on me,

There’s nothing I can do.


I must admit I am impressed,

By his somewhat flirty smile.

And I love the twinkle in his eyes,

And, yes, his carefree style.


Yet, I told him that I could not wed

But I’d love him evermore,

For I am turning fifty-six,

And he is only four.


11/25/1997 –  Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


10’th … N F S P S  – 2002

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