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Granddaughter baked a cake last night
And topped it today with candlelight
Then asked the children to come near
She had a story for them to hear

A story about a Holy birth
When God sent His Son to earth
This is our Savior’s special day
She said, as they bowed heads to pray

There’d be no Christmas on this earth
Without our precious Savior’s birth
Let’s not forget God’s gift to man
And honor Him, whenever we can

The children then blew out the flame,
As they sang praises in His name.
Happy Birthday, Jesus, they sang out
In their efforts to be devout

I’m sure God smiled when He heard them sing
Pleased that they were remembering

12/15/89 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

Written for the Cory family (Sharon and boys)

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In darkness of a cobalt sky,
the breezes sigh
and tease my hair,
while in the air
the lilacs fling their sweetest scent . . .
a night’s accent,
as insects croon
to earth’s full moon,
and lightening bugs morse code the night
with blinking light;
I feel these things
this moment brings..

4/28/00 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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The earth is ready for her Prom.
Awakened from her rest,
With a field full of flowers
As a corsage on her breast.

There’s romance blooming in that field,
And flirting’s taking place . . .
Sweet William’s charmed by countless winks
From Black-eyed Susan’s face.

7/29/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Coming down in sheets,

it resembles a silver lame theater curtain.

A gift of nature’s beauty.

Preceding summer hail,

it portends worse to come, as we await the yellowing of the sky.

But sometimes it dances on my window panes,

and makes its own melody on the tin roof of my cabin, as I drift off to sleep, mesmerized by its charm. 

It cleanses my roof, and compacts the dust of the twisted lane to my cabin,

making little puddles  that serve as bird spas … mud baths in the dirt – drinking cups in the gravel.

It fills blossom cups that serve  as chalices for butterflies

And it makes the hot earth send up moist earth aromas.

As a child, I loved to stand or dance on the lawn, as it made my clothes cling to my body, cooling  me on a hot summer day.

Sometimes it fills my rain-barrel, becoming the source of future shampoos.

I love to watch the little spirals each drop makes on the quiet water of my pond.

When driving in the darkness of evening, it makes car lights shine with diamond rays.

Washing the dust of time from everything.

God blesses us with every raindrop.


Phyllis A. DeWitt-VanVleck

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A Haiku for winter



                      Season’s cover-up


                           new white blankets fell last night


                                earth sleeps in cold robes



9/2/06                    Phyllis DeWitt

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A Haiku for the light snows we are getting.




Muted earth colors


     wearing frosty ermine robes


          after a snowfall



3/18/90          Phyllis VanVleck

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