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Up in branches of a huge oak tree,
Way up high where you can’t see,
Is a crude tree-house of slats and rope,
Held in place by nails and hope.

It’s way up there that I am King,
So I’m in charge of everything.
With flask of milk tucked by my side,
And a book to read, opened wide.

Sometimes I’m there to dream my dreams,
That I am fishing little streams,
But I let them all get away,
To be my catch another day.

I’m also Captain of a ship.
On windy days it’s prone to tip.
But never fear, it will not sink,
For everything’s just what I think.

Mom always knows just what I need,
And packs my lunch, as her good deed.
Some sandwiches and something sweet,
Along with scraps for birds to eat.

My books bring magic way up there,
So I can visit anywhere …
On trains, and boats, and airplanes, too,
I see the world – I tell you true.

I even take short naps when there,
But that is really very rare,
Because there’s much that I must do,
Ruling my Kingdom, ship, and crew.

7/25/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

For David (for his 63’rd birthday)

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Precious little bundle
Dressed in pink and white
Soft and warm and cuddly
She fits our arms just right

She’s Grandma’s Little Angel
She’s Mommie’s pride and joy
She’s Daddy’s little rascal
And sister’s little toy

But, she’s really just a baby
Who is loved a whole lot
We think she’s someone wonderful
This special little tot

6/20/68     Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Babies shoes


A small shoe in a light blue box,
And a story of what it meant.
Scuffed and soiled by a bit of wear,
Its contour misshapen and bent

That little shoe was shod on a foot
That was learning to walk a bit,
When the baby left this worldly realm,
And the pair of shoes was split

Her Mom kept one of the little shoes
Along with a stocking, too,
As a memory of her angel-child . . .
And Gram has the other shoe.

8/2/04 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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How quickly they grow



Yesterday a tot

To snuggle and kiss,

Today, Mom’s Big Boy

Or Sweet Little Miss.


Tomorrow they’re gone

To be on their own.

It amazes us all

How quickly they’ve grown.


8/12/90          Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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The Deepest Love


Mom soothed my brow

And taught me how

To smile again,

When I was ten.


She held me close,

(Love’s tender dose),

When I was ill.

I feel it still.


When my turn came,

I did the same —

She needed care,

And I was there.


It’s meant to be,


Love’s legacy.

Our destiny.


9/10/94         Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Just a little piece of art work

Consisting of one page,

Made with love by little hands

And faded now from age.

It’s a heart in sketchy contour

Trimmed with bits of lace,

And the words, “I Luv Yu, Mommie.”

Are crayoned on its face.

It hung upon the wall for years

Where it was viewed each day,

But now it’s in a small box

That I have tucked away.

A box that holds the treasures

Made throughout the years —

A daughter’s tokens to her Mom,

That prompt nostalgic tears.

And now there hangs upon the wall

A heart with crimson shine,

That says, “I love you Gram and Gramps” —

Her daughter’s valentine.


2/10/93            Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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