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This is a year we included a Hanukkah celebration, so my great grandchildren could learn about other beliefs.


The house was decorated

Upstairs and down

The kids all shopped here

Instead of downtown

We had bought things on sale

And made a small store

The children enjoyed it

And bought gifts galore

They used paper money

Earned for chores done

And bought token gifts

To give everyone

Sherry helped wrap them

As cute as could be

For the children to place

By their holiday tree

We had brisket for dinner

With latkes and such

It was a great Jewish treat

And we all ate too much

Then we watched “Christmas Story”

‘Bout Ralphie and gang

And we listened to Jacob

As he “played” and sang

Skeeter was happy

About a wee stray cat

She barked hard to scare it

But the cat just sat

Guess I’m quite tired

Hence this silly rhyme

But I wanted to “share”

Our wonderful time

It was fun, but I’m guilty

‘Cause chores I DID shirk

And my daughter upstairs

Did the hard work


12/99      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Shaggy headed little flower

Yellow – like the sun,

You’re amazingly prolific,

For hundreds come from one.


Some say there’s beauty in your face

Like golden light of dawn.

But as you age, your hair turns white

And scatters on my lawn.


Then you stretch your scrawny neck

‘Til your ugly bald head

Is all that’s seen upon my lawn,

And I wish that you were dead.


Mama cooked your greens for dinner,

And Grandpa did his best

To turn you into homemade wine,

You awesome little pest.


I sprayed you with a chemical

And zapped your little crown.

I dug you out with trowel and hoe

And tried to mow you down.


My lawn was pristine once again,

No dandelions in sight.

But not for long, I should have known,

You’d multiply all night.


I plan and plot your last goodbye,

But your intent is clear —

That if I win the war this time,

You’ll just return next year.


2/17/93 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck   


3’rd … Indiana NPD 1994

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The Proposal



”Will you marry me?” he asked,

As he handed me a rose.

I was very touched by his request,

That it was me he chose.


He looks quite dashing in his jeans

And jaunty western vest.

The rakish angle of his hat,

Speaks, cowboy at his best


His hair is blond and blessed with curls.

His eyes are denim blue.

And when he turns his charm on me,

There’s nothing I can do.


I must admit I am impressed,

By his somewhat flirty smile.

And I love the twinkle in his eyes,

And, yes, his carefree style.


Yet, I told him that I could not wed

But I’d love him evermore,

For I am turning fifty-six,

And he is only four.


11/25/1997 –  Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


10’th … N F S P S  – 2002

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I miss you girls, so very much. It breaks my heart that I cannot come and see you. 




She stands there like a thirty’s vamp

As charming as can be           

Fluttering long-lashed big blue eyes

A flirt who just turned three


7/12/00                              Gram


        (Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck)





How those blue eyes sparkle

See that impish smile

She’s full of fun and mischief

And enchants us with her smile


7/19/00                       Gram



      (Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck)





I’m wound around her finger

As small as it may be

When Hannah turns her charm on

She mesmerizes me


7/19/00                             Gram


         (Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck)




A sweet and charming liitle girl

Quiet and demure

She wraps you in her aura

And steals your heart for sure


10/19/04                     Gram


     (Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck)




I have never seen your face or smile, but I know that I would love you so. Someday, I hope to be able to meet you and write a poem for you too.

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