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For a ‘lost’ angel


Who’s the little darling
Swathed in pale pink
Why, it’s Grandma’s latest treasure
An Angel, I think

Well, perhaps not an Angel
But, she sure is sweet
Cute as a button
And very petite

With her crooked grin
And that look of surprise
We’re all of one opinion
She’s quite a little prize

10/20/68 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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There she reigns, with dignity
Atop our Christmas tree
The place of honor that’s been hers
Since 1943

And as I stand and gaze at her
The years just fade away
As the precious gift of memory
Recalls my yesterday

I see the mounting excitement
As the children gather near
While we make preparations for
The best time of the year

The tree, in nature’s beauty
Stands with outstretched arms
As little hands adorn her
With pretty man-made charms

And when it’s finally gifted
With tinsel, lights, and snow
It awaits the final treasure
Our Angel’s special glow

And so the Angel’s taken
And is handed up to me
For the childrens’ arms cannot reach
The tip-top of the tree

As I place her gently on the top
And Dad plugs in the light
The joy I see in the childrens’ eyes
Is such a lovely sight

And now, it is the present
The years have flown so fast
But our Angel is still with us
A token from the past

Her wings are bent a little
And dust has grayed her hair
Her gown is somewhat soiled and frayed
But still, she hovers there

Signature’s Of Love, I call
The smudges on her face
They were placed there by the children
Before I put her in her place

Her halo may have slipped a bit
But casts its golden glow
Down through the laden branches
Onto the ones below

And when it’s time to take her down
She’s packed away with care
For as long as we shall have a tree
Our Angel must be there

12/17/71 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Precious little bundle
Dressed in pink and white
Soft and warm and cuddly
She fits our arms just right

She’s Grandma’s Little Angel
She’s Mommie’s pride and joy
She’s Daddy’s little rascal
And sister’s little toy

But, she’s really just a baby
Who is loved a whole lot
We think she’s someone wonderful
This special little tot

6/20/68     Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Babies shoes


A small shoe in a light blue box,
And a story of what it meant.
Scuffed and soiled by a bit of wear,
Its contour misshapen and bent

That little shoe was shod on a foot
That was learning to walk a bit,
When the baby left this worldly realm,
And the pair of shoes was split

Her Mom kept one of the little shoes
Along with a stocking, too,
As a memory of her angel-child . . .
And Gram has the other shoe.

8/2/04 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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    GOD’S MASTERPIECE              rosebud-toni-elaine



Heaven’s gate must have opened

And a cherub slipped through

I know, because I’ve seen you

And hugged and kissed you, too


You’re quite a little treasure

Perfect in every way

A rosebud from God’s Garden

A flower in my bouquet


You’ve cast your spell upon me

And I don’t mind at all

In fact I rather like it

Being charmed by one so small


And what a perfect word to give

To someone just like you

GRANDchild fits you perfectly

I promise you, it”s true


God formed your pretty little mouth

And made it mighty sweet

Then He worked to perfection

On your wee hands and feet


Next, He formed your tiny nose

And eyes, (the bluest blue)

He fashioned perfect little ears

And silken hair, too


He kissed your cheeks to make them pink

And dimpled both your knees

And then He sent you on your way

Knowing you would please


You’re a marvelous little Angel

Although there’s not one wing

And I’ve fallen in love with you

My precious little thing


 3/10/66         Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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 (For Robbie )


The Heavenly Gates were open

          An Angel looked and smiled

For coming up the Golden Path

          Was a sweet innocent child


Heaven’s radiance seemed to beckon

          So the child entered in

The Angels plucked their harp strings

          And sang a lovely hymn


With tears of pain he brought from earth

          Still damp upon his face

The child stood in wonder

          When he saw the Throne of Grace


And then his face brightened

          As he ran to the Throne

Where in the Savior’s arms he felt

          The greatest love known


Then all his anguish vanished

          Through Heaven’s tender care

He knew Heaven was really home

          And he’d be happy there.


6/16/79        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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