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A smile is such an easy thing

To pass along the way,

Like a ray of summer sunshine

On a somewhat gloomy day.


So pass one on to those you meet,

Then watch that stranger’s face,

And feel the warmth as it’s returned.

It’s called a smile embrace.


9/16/94      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck       


4’th … Arkansas NPD 1995

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Yesterday when I was young

            I had a youthful dream

My very own Prince Charming

            Would one day make me Queen

He’d do what Prince’s do so well

            Slay dragons with one blow

Be very brave and daring

            And vanquish all his foe

He’d dress in Princely clothing

            And be pleasing to see

He’d take me ’round his Kingdom

            Oh, how grand ‘twould be

He’d ply me with exotic foods

            And beautiful gifts, too

He’d take me dancing every night

            He’d make my dreams come true


          ~   ~   ~


It’s thirty-five years later

            And asleep in his chair

My Prince is snoring loudly

            In tune with T.V.’s fare

He’s dressed in faded flannel robe

            With flip-flops on his feet

I must admit he needs a shave

            And isn’t very neat

The tours of our big Kingdom

            Are visits into town

To grocery marts and drug stores

            Which prompt his frequent frown

Exotic foods are burgers

            And other fast-food fare

The dancing is a shuffle-step

            From bed to easy chair


But I’m not disappointed

            Things aren’t what they seem

For he’s still my Dashing Prince

            And I’m still his treasured Queen


6/3/88     Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


4’th … Arkansas NPD 1989

6’th … Arkansas NPD 1995

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          MY DESK


The things that clutter up my desk

Are not considered picturesque

Pencils, pens, erasers, too

Mail with answers long past due

A paper-weight and paper clips

Though odd it seems, there’s two prune pits

The pits will be two trees, I plan

But now are stuck on Ed McMahon

Contest brochures, poetry notes

Clippings cut from Digest quotes

A photograph of Clinton’s grin –

Mustache, gapped teeth penciled in


What you may judge as disarray

Is where I work, day after day

I don’t despair, for in my mind

There’s nothing there that I can’t find

I know that’s not what you’ve been told

But I see my desk all cubby-holed

I know what’s in each pile stacked there

And those that overflow my chair

There’s just one thing that troubles me

A ringing I hear frequently

Beneath this stuff that’s so well known

Is hidden my darn telephone


9/8/98    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


3’rd … Arkansas NPD 1999

5’th … NFSPS 1999

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End of the lane

Field full of grain

Barrel of rain

      House, once white

      Oil lamp light

Crumbling silo

Farm dog named Joe

A goat named Flo

      Barn of red

      Small plow shed

Worn “outhouse” trails

Broken fence rails

Dented milk pails

      Garden rows

      Big black crows

Piglets and sow

Brown Jersey cow

Hay in the mow

      Sway-backed horse

      Cats, of course

Mice, quite a few

A barn-owl, too

Duck-pond in view

      Coop and pen

      Plump brown hen

Rooster to crow

Chicks that will grow

Flowers to show

      Swing for kids

      Wells with lids

Tepeed corn shocks

Land strewn with rocks

Starlings in flocks

      My old farm

      Postcard charm    


2/2/89 –  Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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On my old swing I’d fly so high

I thought my feet would touch the sky.

My hair would swirl around my face

And with my toes, the clouds I’d trace.


I’d close my eyes so I could see

Myself, as I touched majesty.

I’d feel the kiss of Heaven then

Before the swing returned again.


Now, on the ground my feet must stay,

As I sit here and dream away,

Back to that sweet remembered thrill . . .

The oak-held swing upon the hill.


That swing still hangs on old frayed rope,

Reminding me of bygone hope – –

My fantasy to touch the sky,

When as a child I’d swing so high.


2/10/00      Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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I miss you girls, so very much. It breaks my heart that I cannot come and see you. 




She stands there like a thirty’s vamp

As charming as can be           

Fluttering long-lashed big blue eyes

A flirt who just turned three


7/12/00                              Gram


        (Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck)





How those blue eyes sparkle

See that impish smile

She’s full of fun and mischief

And enchants us with her smile


7/19/00                       Gram



      (Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck)





I’m wound around her finger

As small as it may be

When Hannah turns her charm on

She mesmerizes me


7/19/00                             Gram


         (Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck)




A sweet and charming liitle girl

Quiet and demure

She wraps you in her aura

And steals your heart for sure


10/19/04                     Gram


     (Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck)




I have never seen your face or smile, but I know that I would love you so. Someday, I hope to be able to meet you and write a poem for you too.

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