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Home for a stray



I found a little stray today

And took him home with me

He looked at me with hopeful eyes

That spoke a silent plea


I bathed his coat and brushed him dry

And then when he was fed

His tail wagged in grateful thanks

As he jumped upon my bed


We bonded from that moment on

And he was here to stay

This dog that no one seemed to want

Found a home that day


3/19/00          Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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A Trusted Friend


          (For KiKi)



Dear old friend, why did you go

You made life sweet while here

And I will be so lonely now

Without your presence near






You made me laugh, so many times

Your memory makes me cry

I miss you more than words can say

We were buddies, you and I




It matters not, you were a dog

I loved you, that is true

A loyal, patient, trusting friend

That’s how I remember you




11/10/02           Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Our old hound dog

         OLD HOUN’


Old Houn’ is what we call our dog.

He answers to that name.

He’s supposed to be a watchdog,

But treats everyone the same.


Whoever comes to our front door

Is greeted with a kiss,

Then he’ll belly-up for a rub,

With a grand look of bliss.


He mothers orphaned kittens,

For which he baby-sits,

Though his look of total boredom

Belies his love of it.


9/12/89            Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


1’st … Arkansas   NPD 1989

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The fellow just wanted to smooch,

   But his breath smelled strongly of “hootch”.

      His girl, filled with dread,

      Lifted dog Fido’s head

And he ended up kissing the pooch.



9/4/92    Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


Last version, I promise!

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          (For Sheryl)


Where did you go, Little Girl,

Weren’t you just here?

It seems we just played dolls and house

Or was that yesteryear?

Didn’t we tea party yesterday

(It seems so to me)

As we dressed your lovely little dolls

In all their finery


My recollections are vivid

Of blond be-ribboned curls

And dresses full of ruffles and lace

Like most little girls.

Too quick you leave behind you

That sweet adorable age

But I will treasure always

Memories of that stage


Like the many clever comments

And cute antics seen

And stories galore about pretend friends

Mr. Ralph and sweet Charlene

Mr. Ralph (your remarkable Teacher)

Blew smoke rings out his ears

Sweet Charlene (your unseen friend)

Shared secrets, hopes, and fears


Of course, there were endless questions

Like, “How does it make it dark?”

“Does dandruff have legs, Mom?”

And “How come cats don’t bark?”

When others kept annoying you

You’d say, as you frowned

“Will you guys leave me alone?”

And quit foodle-doodelin’ around


You even had a cuss word

(At least in your view)

When angry at Dave, you’d say

“Oh you, you, you Harriet, you.”

Whenever you were naughty

Or erred in some way

You tried to blame our little dog

To lead my thoughts astray.


 With a question in your voice

(So it wouldn’t be a lie)

You hoped to escape punishment

By giving this reply

“Maybe Lucky did it, Mama?”

Then, trying to be coy

You’d turn to the dog, scolding –

“Lucky, you’re a bad bad boy!”


I’ll never forget your helpfulness

Concerning the cat, one day

When you helped her with her grooming

(Much to my dismay)

When Calico came to the kitchen

Looking scruffy and somewhat wet

I asked you what had happened

To your furry little pet


Then looking very wise, you said,

“I just happened to think

That since her hands are very small

And she can’t reach the sink

It’s hard for her to wash herself

She needs someone to help her

So I kept licking MY hand, too

And I’d rub it on her fur.”


The things that I’ve related here

Are treasures in my mind

Recalling feelings from the past

Of the sweetest kind

Told here with warm nostalgia

Each incident the truth

Meant only to recall for us

A picture of your youth

And though they’re only samples

From time, as you grew

They’ll always be remembered

As little bits of you.


 8/10/58    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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I wonder about the life He had

When Jesus was a little lad.

I wonder how He spent His day.

Was He a joyful child at play?            


Did He play games and perhaps race,

And get some dirt upon His face?

I’ve often wondered, might it be

That He once played like you and me.


Did He go fishing in the creek

And get a sunburn on His cheek?

Was there a dog to love and pet?

Was there a chore He’d oft’ forget?


I wonder if He climbed a tree,

And if He fell and scraped His knee.

When He got bruises while at play,

Did He have Mom kiss tears away?


In His excitement did He shout,

When He played tag and ran about.

Did He like frogs and bugs and toads

And barefoot walks on dusty roads?


Was He like other little boys,

Who liked to make a lot of noise?

Or was He quiet and quite sedate

With future things  to contemplate.


Did He have knowledge from His birth

Of His design upon this earth . . .

That He would be our Guiding Light

In teaching us to live life right?


I’m sure He knew, as time passed by,                                   

That He would die for you and I,

Upon the cross at Calvary,

Fulfilling earthly destiny.


5/19/02              Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


2’nd Place…

Arkansas –  National Poetry Day 2002

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