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Windy Wyoming


Tumbleweed cavorts

along the roads and highways

windy Wyoming

12/11/99 Phyllis VanVleck

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This is a year we included a Hanukkah celebration, so my great grandchildren could learn about other beliefs.


The house was decorated

Upstairs and down

The kids all shopped here

Instead of downtown

We had bought things on sale

And made a small store

The children enjoyed it

And bought gifts galore

They used paper money

Earned for chores done

And bought token gifts

To give everyone

Sherry helped wrap them

As cute as could be

For the children to place

By their holiday tree

We had brisket for dinner

With latkes and such

It was a great Jewish treat

And we all ate too much

Then we watched “Christmas Story”

‘Bout Ralphie and gang

And we listened to Jacob

As he “played” and sang

Skeeter was happy

About a wee stray cat

She barked hard to scare it

But the cat just sat

Guess I’m quite tired

Hence this silly rhyme

But I wanted to “share”

Our wonderful time

It was fun, but I’m guilty

‘Cause chores I DID shirk

And my daughter upstairs

Did the hard work


12/99      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Wyoming wind is wicked

Meaner than you think

It slaps you senseless with its gusts

Until your cheeks turn pink


It tears your hair and takes your breath

And nearly knocks you down

It’s with you all four seasons

In country and in town


You dare not plan a picnic feast

With paper cups and plates

Because the wind will blow it all

Into the neighboring states


Yes, I complain, you bet I do

That wind is not my friend

And I am here to say I think

The torture has no end


The air is full of dust and grit

Wind sometimes moans all night

And in my haunted dreams it howls . . .

“Come on out and FIGHT!”


June 29,2000   Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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