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She never complained of hardship,
For like others of her kind,
She accepted the hand life dealt her
And never looked behind.

The barren plains seemed cruel at times,
With luxuries all too few.
Besides a woman’s usual chores,
She labored outdoors, too.

The tedious chores of making soap
And slopping the old sow,
Then churning butter from the milk
Of a brown jersey cow.

She helped her husband in the fields.
She made her family’s clothes.
Made feather-beds and big straw-ticks,
And tended grapevine rows.

She tilled the garden with great zest
And harvested the crop.
She worked long hours, rain or shine,
It seemed she could not stop.

This woman of great character
Was mother, wife, and cook.
She was carpenter and farm-hand,
With all the strength that took.

She was teacher and repairman,
And many times, a vet.
Her days were long, her nights were short,
But needs were always met.

She found no time to sit and rest,
Most work was done alone.
I think the pioneer woman
Was our nation’s corner-stone.

8/31/92 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

5’th … Arkansas NPD 1996

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