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What visions we have for offspring
When first held to our breast
The dreams that fill our hearts and minds
Are all, the very best

He’d never want for anything
Needs would be obsolete
He’d find success at every turn
And never face defeat

No harm would e’er befall him
Nor troubles spoil his day
His life would be near perfect
If we could have our way

But these are first impressions
These are all extremes
And our hearts are quick to tell us
That they’re just foolish dreams

For how can he learn compassion
If he never feels pain
Or appreciate the sunshine
If his life contains no rain

How can he know the value of
A simple little smile
If he hasn’t had to shed some tears
For just a little while

And how can he know the thrill of
A game well played, and won
If he’s never had to taste defeat
In endeavors he’s begun

How could he truly treasure
Good things that come his way
If he never worked for anything
And spent his life in play

Life’s precious gift to each of us
Are tastes of all things
And we become whatever we are
From nurturing it brings

5/18/85 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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