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Sharing Life


We dreamt of a perfect union
With trust that youth endows
We knew it had to be that way
And so we pledged our vows
But it’s known no union’s perfect
As odes and poems say
Like branches on a stately tree
We each must bend and sway

I bent your way – you bent mine
Not always willingly
But what’s important in our life
We did it lovingly
Some hopes and dreams eluded us
With minimal defeat
Making those that saw fruition
Seem incredibly sweet

We’ve had some shaky moments
But weathered every trial
And though we shed some salty tears
We still survived to smile
Love does fall short of perfect
But would we have it so
We were enriched by ups and downs
They helped our love to grow

For whatever life presented us
The bitter and the sweet
We pulled together all the way
A unifying feat
For that’s what’s meant by perfect
And what dreams should portray
Not as youth pictures it
But in this bonding way

For now we enter twilight years
We face them with a smile
And what we learned while sharing life
Has made it all worthwhile

2/18/89 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Listen to my heart break

Can you hear the pieces fall

It lies completely shattered

And there’s nothing left at all


There’s a piece once called love

And next to it lies trust

Joined by faith and devotion

Now turning into dust


It’s sad that love such as ours

Now ends in such a way

And can never see tomorrow

Through the pain it wears today


Echoes of love once shared

Are whispering in my head

Reminding me of vows we made

The day that we were wed


Fingertips of memory

Are more than I can bear

As they serve to remind me

Of the heartache I now wear


It’s the end of something beautiful

Built upon for years

And bonding is prevented

By the moisture of my tears


7/15/73   Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Did I misunderstand?



I thought you said you loved her.

Did I misunderstand?

You’ve made a foolish mockery

Of her small golden band.


She believed in all your promises

When you took vows for life,

But all you did was lie and cheat

On your trusting faithful wife.


8/12/73       Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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If I could just relive the past

I’d make some changes mighty fast

You know, that isn’t very strange

We’ve all done things we’d like to change


If that closed door would open wide

I’d start those changes once inside

I’d spread my love just everywhere

To let all know how much I care


I’d greet you with a friendly smile

And really mean it all the while

I’d help you when you needed me

And treat your feelings tenderly


I’d aid each truly worthy cause

And lend a hand, without a pause

I’d spend more time with family

To foster more camaraderie


I wouldn’t leave a chore undone

Yet, I’d make room to have some fun

But there’s no way to live life o’er

Or change the past that went before


Yet, I can make some changes now

By making sure to keep this vow

I’ll turn my life around tonight

And pray that I’ll then do things right.


3/9/90            Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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