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At a Wedding Reception
I met a gent, by chance
He told me how adept he was
At any kind of dance

He took me in his arms right then
And twirled and jumped and dipped
I was getting black and blue
From the times I was tripped

He was my partner that long night
And never left my side
I looked around for shelter once . . .
A place for me to hide

He thought he was fantastic
As others edged away
His legs were everywhere at once
Much to my dismay

He spun me out at arm’s length
I whirled across the floor
And smashed into the wedding cake
Then sailed through the door

Coming back to apologize
Just made the matter worse
He grabbed me for the next dance
And I heard people curse

He knew the various moves to make
Especially after wine
Light upon his feet alright
But he wasn’t light on mine

Yet, we fell in love and married
And he promised in advance
That he wouldn’t prove his expertise
At our wedding dance

3/17/00 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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