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For a ‘lost’ angel


Who’s the little darling
Swathed in pale pink
Why, it’s Grandma’s latest treasure
An Angel, I think

Well, perhaps not an Angel
But, she sure is sweet
Cute as a button
And very petite

With her crooked grin
And that look of surprise
We’re all of one opinion
She’s quite a little prize

10/20/68 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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I have no wealth to leave behind
But I give to you, the best . . .
Magnificence of the richest kind
From God’s great treasure chest

There’s summer sunset’s splendor
As it paints the heavens red
There’s diamond spattered night skies
And rainbows overhead
There’s dandelions that scatter gold
Across earth’s counterpane
The rippling of a drowsy stream
Near winding country lane
The blessing of a cooling breeze
On scorching summer days
Moonbeams through one’s window panes
And morning’s warming rays
The forest’s cooling canopies
That shelter woodland floor
Embracing life that dwells within
And, yes, there’s plenty more

There’s sweet melodic lullabies
That come from feathered choirs
There’s plains, desserts, and valley floors
And lofty mountain spires
A flash of red against the snow
When cardinals wing on by
And sapphire hues the bluebird flaunts
Against a cirrus sky
The scent of lilac’s rich perfume
That floats upon the air
And the evening’s orchestrations
Of insects singing there
The petaled beauty of a rose
With rich satiny feel
Where lady-bugs and butterflies
Enjoy a nectared meal

These things are mine to treasure
As long as I shall live
Yet, they belong to everyone
So they’re not mine to give

11/26/97 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

6’th. … Ark. W C – 2001

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The precious threads of memory

          That link us to the past

Become a treasured Golden Chain

          That time cannot outlast


For time but serves to strengthen

          And adds to that Golden Chain

As memories, long forgotten

          Are remembered once again


God gave the gift of memory

          But the chain is ours to weave

Its strength, its length, its beauty

          Is what we must then achieve


Repay the precious gift He gave

          With the very best of you

Weave your chain with links of love

          As God would have you do


For each deed done, rewards you with

          A link that you retain

And also adds a link or two

          In another’s Golden Chain


So treasure every happy link

          Each poignant golden thread

And lovingly link those gone before

          With those that lie ahead


11/12/67        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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