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She doesn’t smile anymore,
but she will not discuss her pain,
although assaults are so traumatic,
she will wear the scars forever.
You can see her bruises, visible
without the colors of physical abuse.
I knew her when she smiled a lot.
Sometimes we’d laugh so hard
we cried, but now there is no mirth
behind her tears, and she wears
a wounded look.
Her attacker denies cruelty.
He is quick to tell everyone
that he loves her, yet
the torment continues,
smothering the spark in her soul.
She can tell you that.
She can tell you that battering
doesn’t always mean clenched fists.
She can tell you that a wrathful
tongue and disagreeable nature
leaves bruises and scars.
But she won’t.
She takes her pain in silence,
and wears the bruises inside,
yet, I am aware of her pain.

She doesn’t smile anymore.

8/28/93 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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She lost her son,

and I was witness

to her anguish

as she wrapped herself

in grief.

I couldn’t help but wonder

if there was an end

to her torment,

as it smothered the spark

that had made

her such a vital person.

Time did see a change,

but she never

got over her loss,

and I failed to understand.


Years later

I felt the depth

of her unrelenting pain,

and with it,

came understanding.

I lost my son.


2/6/93       Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


Won “Distinguished Poet” Award = 7/00

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