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The children stood upon the stage
Each holding words upon a page
In turn they read a line or two
On what their Daddy’s always do

Dads fought crime, and Dads fought fires
One farmed land, and one sold tires
Jack was nervous when his turn came
And couldn’t remember his own name

Poor Jack’s courage was almost gone
So the congregation clapped him on
But he’d lost the paper that he had
So the Preacher prodded the little lad

What does your Dad do every day?
Jack thought a bit on what to say
Then the little boy in Sunday clothes
Yelled out, “My Daddy picks his nose!”

His dad, embarrassed, hid his face
And wished he was some other place,
When Jack, who then became alert,
Called out, “And wipes it on his shirt!”

5/1/00 Phyllis DeWitt -VanVleck

1’st … Arkansas NPD – 2000

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