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Spider tricks



“I’m looking for a place to sleep,”

Said a fly to Mrs. Spider,

Then folding in his wings

He sat right down beside her.


“I’ll make for you, the softest bed,

And weave it with my silken thread.

It will keep you warm and snug.

It’s what I do for fly or bug.”


“So come on in and sit on my throne,

And be my guest, my very own.”

The fly, impressed by what she said,

Fell asleep as she made his bed.


A cunning spider, that was she.

In tricking him so easily;

And if you ever wonder why . . .

He was her dinner, that poor fly.


2/27/03              Phyllis DeWitt-VanVle

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 (For Robbie )


The Heavenly Gates were open

          An Angel looked and smiled

For coming up the Golden Path

          Was a sweet innocent child


Heaven’s radiance seemed to beckon

          So the child entered in

The Angels plucked their harp strings

          And sang a lovely hymn


With tears of pain he brought from earth

          Still damp upon his face

The child stood in wonder

          When he saw the Throne of Grace


And then his face brightened

          As he ran to the Throne

Where in the Savior’s arms he felt

          The greatest love known


Then all his anguish vanished

          Through Heaven’s tender care

He knew Heaven was really home

          And he’d be happy there.


6/16/79        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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