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In darkness of a cobalt sky,
the breezes sigh
and tease my hair,
while in the air
the lilacs fling their sweetest scent . . .
a night’s accent,
as insects croon
to earth’s full moon,
and lightening bugs morse code the night
with blinking light;
I feel these things
this moment brings..

4/28/00 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Written when my granddaughter, Robyn, was small and still wanted to be a member of our family.  She has lost her way and we miss her very much.





A scattering of small freckles

On her pert little nose

Her hair in careless disarray

Everywhere she goes


She’s always in a hurry

Seems never to run-down

A smile’s spread across her face

She’s rarely seen to frown


She’s a bit absent-minded

And a bit of a tease

She’s quick to show affection

And she’s easy to please


Her most annoying habit

(Or so it would seem)

Is not hearing what you say

When she’s lost in a dream


But I sure cannot fault her

Since that trait came from me

But, those who dream, see beauty

And that part’s nice, you see


Her concern for other people

Is wonderful, it’s true

For she’s loyal and protective

And tender-hearted, too


And when her arms embrace me

And I feel her sweet soft kiss

My heart is filled with deepest love

For this sweet little miss


And since she is so special

I give this little prayer

“Thank you God, for a special gift”

My Robyn Adair


4/2/77     Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Little children love daisy-rings

        Huge truck tire swings                            

        Wet snowball fights                 

        June’s firefly lights

They love all gentle dogs and cats

        Baseballs and bats

        Pink bubble-gum

        A song to hum

They love the fun that summer brings

        Balloons on strings

        Ferris wheel rides

        Big swings and slides

And children love clowns and parades

        Small swaps and trades

        Kites that fly high

        Stars in the sky

They love to lick big ice cream cones

        To throw small stones

        To laugh with glee

        To climb a tree

They love blowing dandelion fluff

        Collecting stuff

        Making mud-pies

        Dozens of WHY’S

And children love to test and tease

        And hug and squeeze . . .

        Right from the start

        They win your heart

Children Love!


2/6/89       Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


5’th … Indiana NPD 1990

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