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In my mind’s book of memories

There are pages where I file,

Things that touch my heart and soul

And things that make me smile.


One page holds the fluted song

Trilled by a meadowlark.

Another holds the silvery light

Of moonbeams in the dark.


There’s one of sweet baby smiles

And one, a mother’s love.

Another holds morning sun,

One, stardust from above.


There’s a page full of laughter

And one of blossomed trees.

A rainbow fills another page

And one, a summer breeze.


Others hold such poignant things

As tears of joy once shed,

The sound of rippling from a brook,

And smell of gingerbread.


There’s one of lovely carillons

With Hymns and melodies

Next to it are hopes and dreams

And one of fantasies.


There is no end of things to add

From life in every stage

And as they touch my heart and soul

They’re added to a page


When I am old, years from now,

Each day I’ll take a look

At all the wonders held within

My memory’s treasured book.


3/8/92              Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Sing me an old-time song, Grandma

            Said the child upon my knee

Then looking up, she smiled and said

            Please sing one just for me


What do you want to hear, I asked

            She handed me a book

Just pick one of my favorites

            She said with, hopeful look


The book was old and quite well-worn

            With favorites marked in blue

Some pages were marred by dog-ears

            And scribbles someone drew


She loved to hear the songs within

            And often sang along

She was quite entranced with music

            And loved the rhymes in song


She knew we couldn’t stop at one

            She knew I loved them, too

She knew that if we opened the book

            I’d sing her quite a few


She smiled at all the happy ones

            And I could hear her hum

But when I sang the old sad songs

            A few warm tears would come


The years have passed . . . the book is hers

            Someday a child will say

Sing me an old-time song, Grandma

            Please sing for me today



9/4/88        Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


2’nd … Arkansas NPD 1988

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A Flash of Blue



Along my garden’s floral path

I saw a flash of blue.

It came to rest upon my arm,

And then as if on cue,

It rose to glide upon a breeze.

I marveled at the grace

And fragile beauty of its wings,

As lovely as fine lace.

Then I noticed that my garden

Was alive with patterned hue,

As small wings slowly fluttered there

In floral rendezvous.

I knew that this exquisite scene

Would not be mine for long,

For soon the tiny wings would stop

In metamorphosed song.


9/4/91      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


4’th … Indiana NPD 1992

1’st … Indiana NPD 1993

1’st … Arkansas NPD 1996

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