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Great golden and bald eagles

Soar and dip and glide

I envy them such freedom

To travel far and wide


I think it must exhilarate

When on a downward swing

To caress the mighty treetops

With the touch of a wing


Then go soaring to the glory

Of cerulean sky

To catch the thermal up-drafts

As scenes go passing by


How great to view the landscape

Away from all the crowds

Where all that’s seen is beauty

Down beneath the clouds


Oh, I’d love to soar like they do

And glide with wings spread wide

Surveying beauty spread below

In our great countryside


2/19/95            Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


4’th … Indiana NPD 1995

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If I had wings to soar on high

I’d watch the world go passing by


I’d scan the earth for beautiful things

Like iridescence  a rainbow brings

The kiss of sunlight on earth below

And old Mother Nature’s ebb and flow


The sculptured mountain’s imposing might

Shimmering water in full moonlight

Gauzy clouds floating peacefully by

And birds on wing caressing the sky


Huge quilted fields with hemstitched rows

Sandy beaches where a river flows

Floral beauty blooming everywhere

Butterflies riding currents of air


Blue streams snaking the valleys and hills

Flat plains, lush forests, and nature’s frills

Laughing children, so busy at play

Sunrise and sunset perfecting the day


I’d watch the world go passing by

If I had wings to soar on high


9/7/91    Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


1’st … Indiana NPD 1991

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