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I’d like to write enough to use
Words dancing in my head,
With all the things I have to say –

I’d like to have a million bucks,
And spend it as I thought,
With all the things I’ve wished to buy –

I wish that all delicious food
Would not increase my weight,
With all the things I like to eat –

I wish there was a tape somewhere
When my guitar’s re-strung,
With all the songs I love to sing –

I’d like to break old habits now,
Of writing-trends I’ve kept,
With all the missing hours of sleep –

If I could satisfy my dreams,
I hope I would not gloat,
With all the things I wish to write –

7/21/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

Inspired by Mary Sadler

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I lie awake and listen

To that lonesome whistle sound,

And I can’t help but wonder

Where that long black train is bound.


Then slumber overtakes me,

And I dream that it is I

Listening to the clicking wheels,

As scenery rolls on by.


I’m looking out the window

Where night has turned to day.

The fields of grain are waving

In their timeless rhythmic way.


The windows frame such splendor

For the travelers on the train . . .

The mountains mighty grandeur,

And an arid dessert plain.


Scenery takes my breath away

With roaring waterfalls,                            

Trestled bridge across a gorge,

And cliff-side’s rugged walls.


Cityscapes and country scenes,

Formations here and there,

Lakes, rivers, and tiny streams . . .

Earth’s bounty everywhere.


The clicking sound continues,

And I am feeling blest.

The gentle rocking motion

Bids my eyes to close in rest.


Then once again, I slumber,

And awake to different sound,

Aware that I’ve been dreaming,

And there is no train around.


I must take that trip someday

When my hearts yearning grows,

And climb aboard a waiting train,

When that lonesome whistle blows.



7/6/02       Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


1’st. … Indiana NPD – 2002


Photo courtesy of Travel USA Travel – US Train Travel Tips – USA Tourist

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To my love



When morning breaks and I awake

To face the world anew,

I wish that I might sleep again

And once more dream of you.


7/12/00     Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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