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Happy Birthday, Bev!

beverlybev 1


She gives of herself, seeking no reward
Sometimes giving what she can’t afford
Unselfish and thoughtful, loving and kind
A more generous person you will not find

She’s more than lavish with gifts and deeds
Going wherever she finds there is need
Caring for ill, making happy the well
The number of deeds, too numerous to tell

Thinking of others is her natural way
And she’s quick to prove it every day
She asks nothing in return for any deed done
Rewards in Heaven are what she’s won

She has come to my aid time after time
Not once considering her choice to decline
I’m glad she’s my sister, and also my friend
What we share together will never end


Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Don McNeall

This is the other poem that I wrote. After the show, cast members came down from the stage to shake hands with everyone. I can still remember them all.. And Enio almost took Sally home with him, because she read this poem, that I had written. He was so flattered.

We were lucky, and had front row seats, but we had to get up early, to catch the South Shore to Chicago, from Indiana, and be among the first in line. We went twice, then went some place cheap, to eat, shopped a little, and came home on the South Shore. We thought it was very adventuresome.

Don is handsome, you’ll agree
But he’s just not the one for me
Johnny’s sings with perfect pitch
But he’s not the one for me to hitch
And Sam’s jokes are really great
But he’s just not my perfect date
And I don’t want a Philco or a Swift Premium Wiennie
My “dream boat” is, Enio Bolinini

Aug., ’49 Phyllis VanVleck

This wraps up our three days down 1949 Memory lane.

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This is for Great, Granddaughter, Amber.  I posted her special poem last year, but wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday with a mother, daughter poem. 




Mothers, daughters,

And sisters, too,

Can win one’s heart

By what they do.


I’ll not forget

Mom’s love for me.

I count it as

Her legacy.


Daughters, sisters,

All passed the test.

I love each one,

But here’s the best –


Granddaughters, four,

That I can kiss,

And hold real close,

Now that’s true bliss.


9/10/94      Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


4’th … Arkansas NPD 1994

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