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No one knows what each day holds

      It could be our last

The day that we must answer

      For actions of the past


If we could just see ahead

      Might not we change our way

Or set a different course to take

      And toe the line today


Would we abstain from sinful ways

      And honor Him above

Would we attempt to do our best

      And prove to Him, our love


Will we try His loving patience

       Because it does not wane   

Do we really think our erring ways

       Do not cause Him pain


We are His children, that is true

      And we should heed His rules

For the Heaven He has promised us

      Excludes all sinful fools


And when we’re gone, it’s much too late

      To say, “I will obey”

So live today as though ‘twas last

      And mend your erring way


9/30/80       Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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