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There was an aura about Aunt Nell
that made her unforgettable.
Silver hair bunned atop her head,
with wisps framing her face,
each current of air moving them
like strands of spider silk.

Feather-gray eyes laughing
as she told jokes about herself –
Her body rippling as she laughed.
Always with a tiny rivulet
of perspiration glistening
as it settled beside her nostril.

Her long granny-dress tickling
her ankles above plump feet
shod in laceless tennis shoes.
Her ample bosom straining
at the buttons of her bodice.
Gathered gingham apron tied
around her voluminous waist.

Smelling of gingerbread, cinnamon,
and cocoa, as she waddled
about the room.
Smiling and humming as she worked.
So much a part of her kitchen
that you could not think of one
without the other.
Her cooking and baking
permeated the whole house
with mouth watering aromas.

No one ever left her home with an empty
stomach, nor an empty heart,
for she had a way of wrapping everyone
in her abundant love.
When you took leave of her presence,
part of her aura went with you.
As children, we were mesmerized
by the spell she cast.

5/17/96 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

6’th … Arkansas NPD – 2001

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            PASSING MY PRIME


It’s been said life slips away much too fast,

And all that’s left are echoes of the past.

I thought, they can’t be right about old age,

For I will dance forever on life’s stage.

I felt challenged to accept in good grace

These wrinkles running rampant on my face.

The aches and pains that trouble here and there

Are minor problems I have learned to bear.

The years of dye that keeps my hair dark red

Hide strands of silver growing on my head.

I don’t embrace the ravages of time

Though I am past the point considered prime.

          I’d like to think that what they say are lies,

          But this old body’s saying otherwise.


11/21/95    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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