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Sweet Perfume


Work in her garden every day
To her was just like child’s play
Shallow rows to hold the seed
Paper pads on which she kneed

Spade and shovel by her side
A length of string as her guide
Flats of flowers, packs of seeds
And things to battle all the weeds

She loved the smell of spaded soil
And did not mind the daily toil
Then when her flowers were in bloom
We all enjoyed the sweet perfume

7/17/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Pa looked out, then turned and said,

“Just look at all that snow!

How about going sledding, Ma?

I sure would like to go.”


“Are you crazy, Pa?” she asked.

“You’re sixty-five years old!

And I’m almost that, my Dear,

And really hate the cold!”


“But, Ma!” he said, “Remember

When we were young and gay,

Belly-flopping sleds downhill

And skating everyday?


Come on, Ma, put on your coat,

And please, don’t say no.

Remember how much fun it was

To frolic in the snow?”


“That was years ago,” she said.

“I like it warm and snug.”

Pa replied, “It’s GREAT out there!

I’ll warm you with a hug.


We could build a snowman, Ma,

Right in our front yard.

We made ’em big, way back then.

It wasn’t very hard.


Remember all the snow-ball fights,

And how we loved to throw?

We’d laugh until our sides hurt,

I sure do love the snow.”


“Pa,” she said, “That’s in the past,

And I love to hear you talk,

But if you love the snow so much,

Go shovel off the walk!”



3/27/92     Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


2’nd … PAW (in Pa) 1992

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