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Chipmunks scurry here and there
And visit at my feet
Where I have placed a dish of seeds
That offers them a treat

They fill their grotesque pouches
Then take it down to store
Where it’s added to their larder
Then they return for more

Sometimes they put their little paws
Upon my fingertips
To reach the seeds within my palm
With tiny nibbling lips

My yard is full of openings
To tunnels underground
With nesting dens and pantries
Where they live all year ‘round

4/6/00 Phyllis DeWitt -VanVleck

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As morning shows her golden face

After late evening showers

I watch the busy hummingbirds

Dining on my flowers


Squirrels are eating sunflower seeds

I scattered on the lawn

But take time out to play a bit

Then, up a tree and gone


Two lively sibling rabbits

Enjoy a game of chase

The squirrels are back, and two join in

Challenging a race


Chipmunks share the scattered seed

And hurry underground

Then come right back for more of same

And pouch each seed that’s found


The birds are singing melodies

Led by a mockingbird

His concert is magnificent

A treat that must be heard


Leafy trees cast patterned lace

That filigrees my lawn

They offer birds construction sites

Until the season’s gone


Flowering bushes here and there

Join fragrant garden blooms

And kiss the air with heady scents

As nature’s own perfume


I’m blessed to sense such beauty

And such tranquility

I can’t think of another place

That I would rather be


5/27/96     Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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