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My doll was made from scraps of wood

Dad carved in fine detail.

Her head was polished to a sheen,

And swiveled on a nail.


Her limbs were carved from sassafras,

Then  loosely wired in place.

Her hair was made from yellow yarn.

Mom’s art work made her face.


Her clothes were made from muslin scraps.

The belt, a ribbon braid.

Her shoes were made from slippers

Of softest doeskin suede.


She even had a nice wardrobe

Mom made with greatest care,

Including coat, and matching hat,

To top her yellow hair.


Hours were spent in make-believe,

Just the doll and myself,

And now this memory from my past,

Sits high upon the shelf.


She may have been just polished wood,

Without a heart or soul,

But I felt warmth when cuddling her . . .

‘Twas her intended role.


12/13/91     Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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