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My favorite chair



Hello, old easy chair of mine

You sure are worn by wear.

I marvel at your comfort zone

When I am seated there.


For years I’ve snuggled to your warmth.

I’ve stained you with my tears,

But you’ve also heard my laughter,

And hugged me through my fears.


Sometimes I have to vacate pets

Reposed upon your lap,

So I can sit and read a book

Or take a little nap.


You list a bit to one side now . . .

You’re not a pretty sight.

But, oh, I favor sitting there,

For you fit my frame just right.


Yes, old chair, we’ve weathered years,

And I needn’t wonder why

Your  arms have been my refuge,

As the years go rushing by.


9/14/03     Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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