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I know my hair has turned snow-white,

And I walk rather slow.

I know that I’m forgettin’ things

You think that I should know.                                                         


I do get rather grumpy now.                                                   

Well, just a tiny touch.                                                  

Yes, wrinkles decorate my face,                                             

And weight’s a bit too much.                                                 


But I want to advocate right now,                       

T.V. needs cleanin’ up – – –

You think I’m harking back to days

They used a mustache cup.


I loath what’s rap, both song and dance,

With  tunes that can’t be sung.

And potty–mouths and disrespect,

Now coming from the young.


If we used words  like kids today,

For us there was no hope – –

Since Mom marched us in the house

And washed our mouths with soap.


In every form of programed fare,

Breast-bulge and bare backside                    

Jiggle and wiggle and “flash” us all,

And the men are goggle-eyed.                    


Now, I’m not sayin’ it’s ugly,

But in case you didn’t know,

We had those things from Eve to now,

But we didn’t let ‘em show.  



9/24/06      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Remember when POT meant the pan that held stew

And GRASS meant the lawn and a golf course, too?

When HOOKED meant the rug Grandma made with care

And FIX meant arrange,  or even repair?


Remember when BREAD meant that which made toast

And COOL meant weather on Alaska’s coast?

When SWINGERS were tots on swings in the park

And TURNED ON was done to lamps after dark?


Remember when TOUGH meant meat hard to chew

And CHICKEN was fowl that we’d barbecue?

When RAP was a knock you’d hear at the door

And WAY-OUT meant country or distant shore?


Remember when BAD meant awful, not great

And TURKEY was a fowl that we cooked and ate?

When THE PILL was something you’d take when ill

If suffering with headache and maybe a chill?


Remember when PAD was a cushion you’d use,

Instead of the place you would go for a snooze?

Remember when JUNKIE was something not neat

And FUZZ meant lint, not cops on the beat?


Oh, bring back the days when words waxed true

And fractured English appealed to few.

When slang wasn’t used except on a dare,

And my speech was flawless, ’cause I was A SQUARE.



3/12/92            Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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