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Whenever there are lonely days
And no one seems to care,
I must admit the emptiness
Is hard for me to bear.

Yet thinking on past events
I often wonder why,
With all the lovely memories
I feel compelled to cry.

Have I dwelt upon the sad times
And shut the sunshine out?
Did I place up front my sorrows
And maybe pain and doubt?

I think I’ll find a corner in
The recess of my mind
Where I can place unpleasant things,
And make them hard to find,

Then fill my mind with sunshine
And happy times, too.
Then make some room for rainbows
And memories of you.

10/21/94         Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Green shoots and delicate blossoms

          Make “Awakening Spring” , Act One

An expectant time in seasons

          For new life has just begun


Act Two is “Summer’s Balmy Days”,       

          With robes of emerald green

Sun kissing beautiful flowers

          Rainbows completing the scene


The curtain opens on Act Three

          “Autumn’s Colorful Pageantry”,

With splashes of reds and yellows

          Resplendent on every tree


Act Four, and the final curtain

          Brings us “Winter’s Wanton Winds”,

And her frosty ermine blankets

          The production finally ends


But nature never seems to tire,

          For each year she starts anew,

And behind a brand new curtain

          Each season awaits its cue.


10/30/88    Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Silver throated laughter.

Captivating curls.

All the magic essence

Of sweet little girls.


Sunshine and bright rainbows.

Flowers in the spring.

Stardust when the moon glows,

And sweet songs to sing.


That describes my daughters.

Nothing quite as fine.

Vivid portraits treasured,

In this heart of mine.



3/10/96   Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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