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Late one day as the sun went down

A lonely fly flew into town.

He stopped to rest near a silken thread

That stretched from tree to vacant shed.

“I am so weary,” moaned the fly,

“Guess I’ll rest ’til the night goes by.”

From up above a voice was heard.

The fly flew up to hear the word.


There sat a spider in her den

Checking her larder once again.

“Come on in,” she said with a grin,

I’ll entertain you while I spin.”

With expertise she plucked a thread.

“Nice lullaby,” the fly then said.

Said she, “You have intriguing eyes.

Let me fix for you, a big surprise.

I know you’re very tired tonight,

And you’ve no bed, but that’s all right,

Because I’ll make one just for you.

It’s something instinct says to do.”


The fly gave thought, and then he said,

“Well, I really do need a bed,

But I’m a stranger  in this town,

And safety’s a must when I bed down.”

The spider said, with cunning smile,

“Just rest here for a little while.

No better hostess can be found,

Why, my guests always stick around!”


So in he flew and sat on her rug.

Long arms reached out in welcome hug.

He felt her teeth as she kissed his cheek

And suddenly the fly felt weak.

“What are you doing?” asked the fly.

“What are these strands you’re dragging by?”

“I’m weaving a quilt of silken thread,

To keep you warm,” the spider said.

“I wouldn’t want you catching cold,

And you’ll be cozy in this fold.

I’d like your bed to be complete,

Before I settle down to eat.”


Then around and around she did spin,

Making that quilt — the fly within.

The fly then slept and never stirred,

Tricked by the spider’s wily word.


If there’ a moral, let it be . . .

Don’t be tricked by flattery.


2/27/95   – Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


4’th … Indiana NPD 1995

5’th …Arkansas NPD 1996

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