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Yesterday when I was young

            I had a youthful dream

My very own Prince Charming

            Would one day make me Queen

He’d do what Prince’s do so well

            Slay dragons with one blow

Be very brave and daring

            And vanquish all his foe

He’d dress in Princely clothing

            And be pleasing to see

He’d take me ’round his Kingdom

            Oh, how grand ‘twould be

He’d ply me with exotic foods

            And beautiful gifts, too

He’d take me dancing every night

            He’d make my dreams come true


          ~   ~   ~


It’s thirty-five years later

            And asleep in his chair

My Prince is snoring loudly

            In tune with T.V.’s fare

He’s dressed in faded flannel robe

            With flip-flops on his feet

I must admit he needs a shave

            And isn’t very neat

The tours of our big Kingdom

            Are visits into town

To grocery marts and drug stores

            Which prompt his frequent frown

Exotic foods are burgers

            And other fast-food fare

The dancing is a shuffle-step

            From bed to easy chair


But I’m not disappointed

            Things aren’t what they seem

For he’s still my Dashing Prince

            And I’m still his treasured Queen


6/3/88     Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


4’th … Arkansas NPD 1989

6’th … Arkansas NPD 1995

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