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Free Verse till rhyme sneaked in


I grew up rhyming. It’s all I know,
But poets’ elite say its got to go —
Said with disdain that makes me cringe,
So guilt is strong when on that binge.

I think in rhyme, no longer done,
Son-of -a -gun ! They’ve spoiled my fun.
I don’t choose words because they rhyme —
They tumble forth all the time.

The way to go is free verse style.
I tried, but mine’s just not worthwhile.
Using words not understood,
I convoluted, which wasn’t good.

I wrote thoughts backwards and askew,
And used some phrases, old and new,
With content complicated … true,
Thinking that’s what I had to do.

I tried one out, and drew a smile.
The judge remarked, “Perfect style!
I don’t know what this poem means,
But the First Prize, is what it screams”.

Now that’s a puzzle, I must say,
For it meant nothing anyway.
Yet, “Blue” it won, surprisingly.
What was there that I failed to see?

Free Versers say there are no rules,
But certain things to use as tools.
Well, I use them all, within my rhyme,
Doing the same, time after time.

They tell me what I write is good,
And is quite easily understood,
But should be changed to verse called, “free”,
And then, perhaps they’d notice me.

Now Mr. Judge . . . or is it Miss ?
Forget the rhyme you find in this.
I know you think rhyme is a sin,
But this was “free” ‘til rhyme sneaked in.

10/28/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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