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‘Tis the evening of Christmas and in our old house
The snoring shakes windows . . . I speak of my spouse
He said he’s exhausted, though not one to shirk
He just looked on, as I did the work

I purchased and wrapped ….. ‘twas left up to me
Baked cookies galore and put up the tree
Now the kids are playing with a few old toys
The new ones are broken; so much for new joys

The floor is quite messy with boxes and bows
And discarded ribbons . . . along with new clothes
New puppy just did what puppies do best
He wet on the floor, his hourly quest.

The fireplace clogged – I was choking on smoke
My husband kept snoring and never awoke
The tree got knocked over – I cleaned up the mess
What happens next, is anyone’s guess

Hot chocolate spilled from a broken mug
And cookies got ground right into the rug
The turkey’s a carcass, the leftover’s, few
I’m left with the dishes, but that’s nothing new

And out in the kitchen where pans are piled high
I scrub and I scour, and I sigh . . . and I sigh
Am I tired? You bet! I’ve stayed up too late
So fell fast asleep with my face in my plate

We waited all year for this wonderful day
And I’m glad that the next one’s A FULL YEAR AWAY

11/22/95 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck
(revised 12/02)

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The puppy piddled on the floor

And then he did a little more

The kitten snagged my favorite chair

There’s cat and dog hair everywhere


The dog chews everything he sees

And spends much time just scratching fleas

The cat climbs drapes and jumps on stuff

Oh, having them is mighty rough


They let you know you’re there to serve

They do it fast, with guile and verve

Before you know it, you’re on a hook

And they can do that with one look


But I’m rewarded every day

When they get tired of games to play

They curl upon my lap to sleep

Entwined in one small furry heap


2/10/00 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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