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I was given to my master

When I was just a pup

Oh, yes, he really wanted me

That is, ’til I grew up

I was pampered by the family

They brushed me everyday

I was always fed and watered

And never lacked for play


They taught me many fetching tricks

And I learned well, with ease

But then, they tired of the games

Though I tried hard to please

I’m no longer just a puppy

And they treat it as a sin

I wish they knew there’ll always be

Some puppy still within


I’m banished to an old wire pen

My world is five foot square

My house is barely adequate

It doesn’t seem quite fair

No one ever walks me now

Sometimes I don’t get fed

My pen is not too clean at times

A concrete floor’s my bed       


I miss those nice warm register

I miss those thick soft rugs

I miss lying at their feet

I miss the children’s hugs

Perhaps they just don’t understand

How loyal I would be

And that I’d give my life for them

While guarding faithfully


If they just knew about these traits

Things just might look up

Perhaps they’d treat me like they did

When I was just a pup



6/20/84 –  Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


1’st … Indiana NPD 1989

2’nd … Arkansas NPD 1997

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