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She sits there in her rocking chair
With Bible in her lap.
The wrinkles time has given her,
Like tracings on a map.

There’s nothing quite so lovely
As her dear age-lined face.
She’s almost like a cameo
With collar of white lace.

She lives now in her memories
Carefully filed away.
She draws upon them at her will
And visits yesterday.

And when I sit and chat with her,
I, too, step back in time,
Remembering care she gave to me
When she was in her prime.

She’s the picture of contentment,
Hands folded as in prayer.
Her time is short, but still she smiles
And slowly rocks her chair.

8/29/92 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

1’st … Indiana NPD 1993

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I didn’t forget, honest!  It was groundhogs day too.



             ( Sheryl )


Welcome to our wonderful world

My Precious little thing

This heart of mine is overjoyed

With happiness you bring


It’s up to me to guide your way

So this is what I pray

When I point the right direction

You’ll somehow find the way


I’d have your path just perfect

If that could only be

But that is not the way of life

As you will some day see


For there are many bumps to face

And some may cause you pain

But they can make life sweeter, Dear

Like sunshine after rain


May the Lord walk beside you, Child

On paths you choose to take

To shepherd and protect you

In choices you will make


I pray your clouds are very small

With star-flung skies at night

I pray for beautiful rainbows                     

With pot of gold in sight


There’s much that I could wish for you

And what I say is true

That you and I will talk someday

And I’ll tell it all to you


Then, someday in the future

Your turn will come to pray

When you hold your child in your arms

As I hold mine today


6/48          Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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