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Looking from my big back porch

I see the woods out back

And leading to its shelter

I see a faint deer track

In a nice secluded spot

A doe and fawn now sleep

Opossums, skunks, and raccoons

Are in its leafy deep


Birds find haven in the woods

Their love songs fill the air

While frogs, toads, and even bugs

Find food and shelter there

A bear sits in a hollow oak

Eating nectar of the bees

Squirrels scamper here and there

Among the other trees


Underneath a bramble bush

Is a little brown hare

Hiding her nest of babies

Because it’s safer there

Sitting in the tallest tree

Is a big-eyed screech owl

Watching all that lies below

With his feathery scowl


The sun dapples a worn path

Berries grow everywhere

Flowering plants hug a stream

Their scents perfume the air

The woods out back teem with life

And I love to walk the floor

Beneath its great leafy boughs

Through its great open door


12/21/88    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Autumn beckons me to sit

In my old rocking chair,

Out on the weathered farmhouse porch

Where magic’s everywhere.

A breeze is whispering lightly

Throwing kisses at my cheek,

A raccoon stops to take a drink

Down by the little creek.

Burning leave’s rich pungent smell

Lends credence to the scene,

As flaming gold and scarlet leaves

Change from emerald green.

The blue enameled sky above

Is cloudy here and there —

Just gauzy bits of tracery,

Like ribbons in its hair.

A honking chevron of wild geese

Are winging overhead

A sign for nature to prepare

For winter’s frosty bed.

From high up in a cottonwood

Where he is hard to see

A mockingbird trills the score

From summer’s melody.

Squirrels are busy storing nuts;

They’ll need them when it snows.

And daddy-long legs cluster up

Each time a cool wind blows.

A spider deftly spins a web

For one last hungry try;

As nature beds itself for sleep

He hopes a bug flies by.

A sluggish bee lights near my arm

And slowly cleans a wing.

He’s hypnotized by autumn’s song,

No need to fear his sting.

I rock in rhythm with the sounds

Of autumn’s pulsing beat,

And I think that I have never seen

A season quite as sweet.


9/22/93    Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck         


2’nd … Indiana NPD 1994

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Mama Loved Geraniums


Mama loved geraniums

She’d place them on a sill

And plant some in her garden

Among the herbs and dill

Pots of them were everywhere

On porch and old fence rails

Even by the old outhouse

In dented rusty pails

In the fall she’d bring them in

So each room held a share

And there they’d bloom all winter

With her devoted care

The years have passed, and in a glen

Geraniums show their face

Beside a white granite stone

That marks her resting place

1/27/90       Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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