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Green shoots and delicate blossoms

          Make “Awakening Spring” , Act One

An expectant time in seasons

          For new life has just begun


Act Two is “Summer’s Balmy Days”,       

          With robes of emerald green

Sun kissing beautiful flowers

          Rainbows completing the scene


The curtain opens on Act Three

          “Autumn’s Colorful Pageantry”,

With splashes of reds and yellows

          Resplendent on every tree


Act Four, and the final curtain

          Brings us “Winter’s Wanton Winds”,

And her frosty ermine blankets

          The production finally ends


But nature never seems to tire,

          For each year she starts anew,

And behind a brand new curtain

          Each season awaits its cue.


10/30/88    Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Time to Play


A little boy of nine or ten
Had a tree-house for a den.
He climbed the tree everyday,
It was his favorite way to play.

A little girl of five or six
Had a playhouse made of sticks.
She took her dolls there everyday,
It was her favorite way to play.

This little boy and little girl
With sandy hair and tawny curl,
Grew up and met one lovely day
And found a new way they could play.

Now, don’t be shocked – ’twas in a band,
He played drums – she played the Grand.
They practiced nearly every day,
It was their favorite way to play.

They fell in love and soon were wed.
No time for play – that’s what they said.
They raised eight children to this day —
They must have found some time to play.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Energy’s gone – they’re getting old.
She knits sweaters for the cold.
He watches T.V. shows all day.
It’s now their favorite way to play.

3/27/92 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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I wonder about the life He had

When Jesus was a little lad.

I wonder how He spent His day.

Was He a joyful child at play?            


Did He play games and perhaps race,

And get some dirt upon His face?

I’ve often wondered, might it be

That He once played like you and me.


Did He go fishing in the creek

And get a sunburn on His cheek?

Was there a dog to love and pet?

Was there a chore He’d oft’ forget?


I wonder if He climbed a tree,

And if He fell and scraped His knee.

When He got bruises while at play,

Did He have Mom kiss tears away?


In His excitement did He shout,

When He played tag and ran about.

Did He like frogs and bugs and toads

And barefoot walks on dusty roads?


Was He like other little boys,

Who liked to make a lot of noise?

Or was He quiet and quite sedate

With future things  to contemplate.


Did He have knowledge from His birth

Of His design upon this earth . . .

That He would be our Guiding Light

In teaching us to live life right?


I’m sure He knew, as time passed by,                                   

That He would die for you and I,

Upon the cross at Calvary,

Fulfilling earthly destiny.


5/19/02              Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


2’nd Place…

Arkansas –  National Poetry Day 2002

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“I wish you’d read to me awhile.”

My daughters often said,

So I’d tuck away the mending

And read to them, instead.


“Mom, can you play a game with me?”

My growing son would ask,

So I’d put aside the sweeping

For that far more urgent task.


We often sat with drawing books,

Coloring in designs,

While laundered clothes awaited

Their turn upon the lines.


There were times the sink held dishes,

‘Though I didn’t like such piles,

So I could romp and play outside . . .

Rewarded by their smiles.


At times we’d lie upon the grass

As cloud ships sailed on by,

While the beds awaited making,

And dust was left to lie.


Nothing’s changed by dirt or dust,

Or bed that lies unmade,

But the hours given to a child,

Build memories that won’t fade.


The most important times in life

Are the hours wisely spent,

When shared with a little child,

For they are heaven-sent.



5/22/97    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


4’th. … Indiana NPD – 2001

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Little girls and little boys



Little boys run and kick and climb

They race and jump about

They throw small stones and bounce balls high

And loudly yell and shout


Little girls prance and dance and twirl

They skip, jump rope, and swing

They love pretend and playing house

And love to hum and sing


All little boys and little girls

Enjoy the game of chase

And to tickle and to giggle

And fingerprint the place


Their little arms just love to hug

Which is a special treat

And when they give a cherished kiss

No kiss could be as sweet


What a precious gift they are

How dull the world would be

Without our little boys and girls

And their vivacity


1/24/90         Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


1’st … Indiana NPD 1992

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