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The White Bag Blues



Such beauty on this street of elms

Where the winds buffet flags

Up in the tree’s lush green leaves

Are bright white Walmart bags


And over there against a fence

The objects each one sees

You bet . . . it’s plastic Walmart bags

From someone’s groceries


Something just whipped past my legs

This cold and windy day

Uh huh, an errant Walmart bag

Ballooning all the way


Alas, they’re even in my dreams

Fluttering just like rags

They wave from everything in sight

Those flying Walmart bags


If I could have the value now

Of those bags seen everywhere

On trees, on fence, and traffic lights

I’d be a millionaire


Perhaps I should collect them all

As greedy as I am

Then bundle them in thousand-packs

And sell them back to Sam


  c  7/24/02           Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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